A-3 Top on Bushmaster

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DavidW, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. DavidW

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    Somebody help! I have a Bushmaster Shorty carbine with an A-3 top. There are no markings on either the receiver or the frame of the sight. Does anyone know how to determine the 300 meter setting on this thing? The manual says to adjust the setting to 300 meters, then up one click to start the zeroing procedure. Heck, my elevation drum really doesn't click, it just turns slowly to where it might stay in one spot, and there are no numerical markings on it, either! I am hopelessly lost! Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  2. Eric

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    The way we do it is set it at battle site zero first. Set the base of the front site post even with the top of the sight base (where the arrow is). Turn your windage knob until it is centered (use your graduation lines on the rear of the site). Crank your rear site all the way down, then turn it back until the flat side of the bezel is parallel with the handle, then go back down one click Now you are ready to zero at 25 meters. Do all of your elevation with the front site and your windage with your rear. Remember the clicks and direction (that way you can always pick up a rifle and set it to your zero, or at least close to it). after you have zeroed, click your rear site up one click. Now you should be able to hit a silhouette at 300 meters. That's the way we teach it anyway. Hope that helps. Good Shooting! Eric

  3. DavidW

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try it out as soon as I can.