A Black and White Surprise

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    So this past saturday i took my kid (5 yo) down to the creek to shoot his bb gun. we had seen a few squirrels and he had his squirrel call so we sat down beside a big tree and he was trying to call them. he started calling and i told him to listen close because we would hear them in the trees with they come out. so anyway, were sitting there for a few minutes and hes calling and i hear something coming through the weeds on the other side of this big tree. i leaned back and tried to see what it was, thinking it was either a squirrel or possibly a coyote, i couldnt see anything around to the right side so i started to lean to the left and check it out. by this time i can tell whatever it is, its very very close and just on the other side of the tree. so i start lookin to the left side and SOB! Theres a fukkin skunk coming around about 6 feet from us, NO BS! I told my kid to run but by that time the skunk was raising its tail and BAM BAM, in about a nanosecond i pumped 2 rounds from my Rem 870 12 ga. into its face and pretty much blew it to smithereens from 6 feet away. then me and my kid both looked at each other like "holyshitballz" that was crazy. we couldnt believe that we almost got sprayed at point blank range by a skunk. then a few seconds later the smell began to spread and we had to make a run about 50 yards out into the open cornfield away from the creek, and boyhowdie did it stink. anyway, it was another good time of hunting with my kid, good times, good times. :09:

    oh yea, and that was the first thing i killed with my Remington 870 12 ga. i just got it about 2 weeks ago and have been pretty antsy to test it out on something. i woulda got some pics of the destruction, but i didnt really want to go to work the next day smelling like pepe le pew.

    ty 12 ga pump!
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    Hahahaha :bigeyes::34:

  3. S----------- happens (Forest Gump)
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    Sounds like a memory you and your child will always remember.
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    i was deer huntin one fall. didnt have a stand up that year so i was on the ground. got out way before day light. im sittin there in the dark all comfy kinda snoozin til the sun came up. i hear somethin comin through the leaves but its still to dark to tell what it is til its about 10 feet from me. it was a big skunk. talk about gettin nervous. i dont think i would have been that nervous if it was a bear. but luckily he looked at me and just turned around and waddled away. another time i was bow hunting in a ladder stand about 10ft up. there was a ground hog that had been walkin around nearby all day. finally he starts walkin toward my stand. I didnt really think any thing of it and didnt pay any attention to it. well i hear something scratchin on a tree. i look down and he's about two feet from me hangin on the side of the tree starin at me. well i stared back and he half slid half climbed down the tree and took off. didnt see him again. me and a buddy were turkey hunting one spring. sittin on the ground with our face nets on when a few little birds of some kind swoop in and start flutterin around in the trees right there around us. one of them flew straight into my face net. caught me off guard thats for sure. i love hunting. never know whats gonna happen.
  6. I was in the woods way before daylight one morning and walking past a gaint cedar tree.
    All of a sudden I start hearing sounds like somebodys taken a dump, Man were they noisey and stunk too .
    I got out of there as quickly as I could !!!
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    No more Pepe' Le PEWW.....LOL:bigeyes:
  8. i threw a rock at one of them once

    my mistake, i later ended up hauling as much *** as i possibly could
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    lol your lucky you had the 870, it would sure suck to have the only thing between you and a skuny 6ft away be a .177 copper bb
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    Remember, always eat what you kill.

  11. I had a bird land on the barrel of my rifle one time while I was deer hunting. He grabbed a piece of burlap string, pulled it off my rifle and flew off. He repeated this for several hours until the end of my barrel was almost naked...
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    Three of us were out shooting blackbirds and pigeons, and we were walking an old hedgerow. As we came upon a break in the cobblestones, there was a FAMILY of skunks, two adults and three kids. Wellllllllll, instantly a firefight broke out, we all had pumps and just cut loose.Nobody escaped the onslaught. Three skunks lay dead, and we were blasted by the group...Talk about stink.. Our buddy, who was doing chores back in the barn, said he heard the battle, and smelled us from about 1/2 mile away.. Such wonderful memories..:684:
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    I would have tucked tail and ran and left your buddies to duke it out with the skunks. Thats one fight I avoid at all costs.
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    Evil, this is something that you and your son will have to share and laugh about for years to come.

  15. You sure that wasn't BIG FOOT?
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    aahahaah. thats gotta suck. when the one i killed started to release its stench we were so close i could kinda taste it. i bet u guys could to. its gotta a nice WANG! to it. lol. :yumyum: :yuck:
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    Lol those are some good stories....closest i have ever been to one was when i was riding with my aunt at her friends ranch in OK and one came right down the fence line about 20 yds away but wasn't worried about the horses i guess so we just let it go by and rode off...
  18. .22hustler

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    The stink was sooooooooooo bad, as it came from 5 of the buggers!!! My black lab was out running about a month ago, and he came up the deck and wanted to come in. I opened up the slider in the dining room and let him in. My wife was in the kitchen and all she could do was SCREAM..He got blasted from a skunk!! Quick, out of the house with him. We got lucky as there was no lingering odors in the house, but he smelled!!We got a home-grown remedy for him from the vet and it worked like magic. The only ingredient I can remember was Dawn dish washing soap.It should be on the 'net somewhere.
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    Once me and a friend were riding motorcycles in the boonies. I was leading and came over a rise and hit a dead skunk! It completely splattered my friend and his bike! I was laughing all the way home; he was not amused. You use tomato juice to get rid of skunk scent.