A-Bolt hunter?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by calaper, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. calaper

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    Hi all,

    I posted this in the browning link but i noticed it is quite dead so thought i might put it out to the wider community.

    "I recently ordered a Tikka t3 hunter at my local gunstore and they have contacted me and informed me that i will be waiting until the end of the year for shipment, they have offered me a refund. I am contemplating changing my order to a browning a-bolt hunter but am curious as the how they shoot, their action and accuracy?

    I will be looking at buying one in .270"

    Let me know your thoughts,

    Thanks alot

  2. toolman

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    The A-Bolts are fine guns with a good reputation for being accurate. If you look around on the 'net long enough, you'll find some negative reports, but I've never seen a bad A-Bolt.

  3. turner

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    I have owned both, and to be quite honest, I prefer the A-bolt. It's an excellent rifle. I've owned many Brownings of different models too, and their customer service has been excellent the once or twice it was needed as well.
  4. sc928porsche

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    Brownings are excellent along with a few others.
  5. SgtKnuckles

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    Be the First on your Block to get a Browning X-BOLT... Get one on order... It will be worth the wait... Besides BUSH is going to help you buy your new Gun with that check that's in the Mail...<:))
  6. Lng Rng

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    I love my A-bolt, they make excellent hunting rifles. Mine is plenty accurate, and is overall a solid gun. Just as good, of maybe better then the Tikka.
  7. Hotled

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    Used to have a Browning A-Bolt Hunter model short and lite in .270.
    Was very accurate,kicked like a mule,and a **** pretty finish on the gun.
  8. own one in stainless stalker 25-06 accurate as all hell i love it definately a thumbs up
  9. kycowboy

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    Tikka is a good gun, but I have personally fired a Browning A-bolt, and grouped well within an inch at 100 yards. Pretty gun, smooth action. Both are good guns, but I kinda like the Browning.
  10. samuel

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    I really doubt that Bush,s checks include Australia,but now a days you cant be sure.(bet it includes a lot of illegals in Mexico.). sam.
  11. telkev

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    I own, or have owned just about every brand of commercial bolt action made, and my favorite is still the browning a-bolt chambered in 308.
  12. I say get the A-Bolt also. When I did a personal inquiry to a select few, that was one that was recommended to me to get.

    Sam I'd have to agree with ya' I don't think Bush included Australian residents in on the stimulus checks. lmao I suppose one could call and ask. As they say never hurts to ask. Worst that can happen is they say NO. lol