A Celebrity Shops at My Gun Shop!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyrano, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I went to my favorite gun shop today to pick up some ammo and look over the racks to keep track of prices and whatnot. While I was paying for my purchase, I got to talking to Scotty. It seems a Hollywood actor all of us know, at least by voice, lives in the area and is a regular customer. He stops by every few weeks to look over the racks and bring a his ammo shopping list, which Scotty tells me leans toward the exotic and unusual.

    It turns out that Scotty sells a lot of ammo and not a few guns to Lord Vader himself - James Earl Jones. Turns out he owns a place somewhere around here. He's a collector on antique and milsurp guns, just like a lot of us! He was in last weekend with his shopping list, and Scotty told me a story about it.

    Jones was standing at the counter while Scotty was rounding up the ammo he'd come for. A retired guy was also waiting to make a purchase, and looked at the pile of unusual ammo accumulating in front of him. They got to talking as shooters do about guns and ammo. They'd been talking for about 40 minutes when the retired guy took a good look at his fellow customer and realized there was something familiar about him. He put the face and the voice together and, after talking to him for the better part of an hour, hesitantly asked him, "Pardon me for asking, but are you James Earl Jones?"

    Jones had a good belly laugh over that. Apparently he's used to being recognized because of his distinctive deep voice and his memorable screen performances in movies like Field of Dreams and The Hunt for Red October, but it usually doesn't take someone 40 minutes of conversation to identify him!

    I didn't know James Earl Jones was a shooter and a gun collector. I've always liked him, and now I've another reason to like him. He's one of us.
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    thats awesome and would be cool to see. His voice has to be one of the most well known.
  4. :bigeyes: No one else has said it....the voice of Darth Vader shops at your store! Mwahahah, thats awesome!
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    Cyrano..... May the Force be with you!!
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    Seems like I had read somewhere that JEJ was pro gun, I have also heard that he is pro military as well, so in my book he can't be too bad :D
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    I think I could pass for him, except I'm skinnier, white, and maybe older. The kids at school refer to me as "The Voice of God" on those rare occasions when I get on the P.A.

    I wish I had a tenth of his gun and ammo budget.

    It would be really neat to know that a famous guy like shops for shooting stuff where I do. Maybe you could get him to autograph an ammo box some time.
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    Waaaay Cool Cyr !! He's one of my favorite actors.
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    thats cool. I'll bet he can afford some really exotic weapons! probably has a gun room like Charlton Heston. not just a couple of ole gun safes like us mere mortals.
  10. So does that meen that we have all come to the dark side!?!?!? muhahahaha
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    they have cookies and James Earl Jones!
    Great to hear another story about how famous people enjoy shooting as well.
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    Thats cool! Mabye i'll have to hang around at Collector Rifle and Ammo more. It has been a while since I stopped by to see what they have in the racks.

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    As a Birmingham native and child of segregation turned Icon, I've always admired Mr. Jones. Now I respect him all the more.

    Well done Lord Vader.
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    James Earl for President!
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    Great story Cyrano.I enjoyed it.
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    There seems to be fewer and fewer in the entertainment industry who also participate in the firearms hobbies and interests. Glad to hear Mr. Jones is one who participates. Some others that come to mind; Robert Stack, Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck, Mel Torme.
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    Good story Cyrano!
    Maybe we all should invite him now to the Gun and Game site. After all he is one of us.
    Only bad thing about that is we would not be able to hear his voice......LOL.
    Maybe Chris could work a plug in and we could hear a voice recognition thingy,that would be cool....Highlight his comments and sit back and listen....
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    Thanks for posting that story Cyrano. Nice to know not all celebs are dill weeds. Some actually may be human.
  20. That is cool, I am the most famous that shops and my gun shop, pretty sad.