A Couple Of Things That Bug Me About The SKS

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Joshua M. Smith, May 26, 2008.

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    I'm pretty much overall satisfied with my new SKS. It has the power I need in a controllable, accurate package.

    However, there are two things that annoy me about it: First, the trigger pull. I have a positive sear engagement, and though the trigger is a bit heavy, that's how I want it. I feel it's necessary on a fighting weapon, and one that will be used with gloves. The trigger is unique, and because of that, I can't give you a guesstimate of closer than 5-8lbs.

    I like the fact that it's long. It has a long sear engagement and helps make up for the fact that the safety only blocks the trigger and not the sear.

    All this is good.

    What really bugs me about it is that, if I start to shoot and decide to let off, the trigger doesn't return. Is this normal, or should I install a heavier trigger spring? It seems somewhat unsafe to me.

    Secondly, and this is merely a fitting issue: After these things have been used some, they develop a bit of fore-to-aft play between the receiver/trigger assembly and the stock. Every one of these I've handled has this so I figure it's normal. However, is there a fix for it that anyone does, or just something to be lived with?

    Happily, I've located some ambi safeties and am looking at them. If anyone's using on, I'd like some feedback.

    But how about that trigger? It does bother me some.



    Josh <><
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    Joshua M. Smith: Sir; I don't know any thing about SKS's, other than messing around with my son's.
    Site; I did find. SKS Trigger Work; good to better articles.

    sksboards.com::::: Google "sks trigger work"

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    I don't have that problem with my YUGO or Chinese as far as the trigger not returning if you let off,I'm assuming you have cleaned all the crud out of the trigger group and lubricated it. If your still having problems you can contact this gentleman for SKS trigger work. Welcome

    As far as the play in the receiver/trigger group assembly I don't have that problem in either of my rifles either 1970 YUGO & Chinese 1965,I assume that all parts are matching on this rifle,does it take quiet a bit of force to reset the trigger group into the stock and is the latch pin free and clear of any cosmoline. Just a couple thought.
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    The trigger is supposed to go all the way back forward after every trigger pull.

    Oh and about the stock, that's typical with aftermarket ones. I created a little bumper pad out of rubber bands taped onto the rear of the stock cut out and now it fits good.
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