A Different Kind of War Dog

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  1. Thanks Dookiebutt that was a nice story...A.H

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    Great story, and a lot like one out of Bosnia. I got to meet the young man who brought that dog back. These are heartwarming tales of love for animals. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Good story. Wonder why the SPCA or an offshoot wasn't named at the animal organization that helped get Nubs out.
    Nubs? What kind of a name it that? Put me in charge of naming the dogs.
    Good one dookie
  4. Good touching story. Glad to hear he, like the other soldier got to keep it/them...

    And FWIW FMJ, and because I'm not sure if you were kidding about the dogs name or not, but think he named it that because of the dogs ears being "NUBS". lol