A Domestic Terrorist's Perspective

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BenP, Oct 23, 2002.

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    This recent sniper activity has given me cause to sit and do some real thinking. I've come to realize a few things about what effect this shooter is having, and what it means to the average joe.

    I think this guy, whether deliberately or not, is sending our country a message. It's kind of a wake up call to reality really. I can't say as I laud his methods particularly, but he does make a rather succinct point doesn't he. In fact, I'd say the entire civilized world is getting the message, just like they did in Kosovo.

    For generations, now, we've lived without any real domestic threat. Sure, we've had our share of violent crime. But before 911, when has the Continental United States ever really been threatened in say the last hundred years? 911 was also a wake up call, but I have to think that, with all the suffering and death involved in that incident, it was more of a political message than a personal one. I was anxious to see what was going on, but I really wasn't connected to that event like I am to this sniper activity.

    The reason is because this sniper stuff is totally personal. Here's on or two fellows who for whatever reason have decided to attack apparently unassociated citizens only because of their location. They've made targets out of the average Joe, and even though relatively speaking they've inflicted little harm yet, the effect is magnified because of the conditions. It is now a reality in Maryland and Virginia that people are thinking twice about going out in public. A lot of people. Whether that was the intended response or not, it is nonetheless significant. It points to a huge weakness we have, which is that our ability to kill and be killed far exceeds our ability to detect the killing action. The only accomplishments that law enforcement have made to date on this case are due to the aid of the shooters. I believe that the shell casing, the tarot card, and the notes and phone calls are deliberate acts to keep the law enforcement and media focused on what is going on. Useless at this point, but still effective.

    In the last statement that the shooters supposedly left, they made reference to the fact that our children are at grave risk. What is important about this statement is that there is no way possible that these snipers, using the methods they have been so far, could pose a threat to every child in that region. They don't have to, because they work in anonymity, any child could be a target of opportunity for them. It is that possibility which makes their campaign of terror so effective. No one knows where they'll strike next, and nothing can be done to avoid it, save limiting exposure by not going out in public. Never mind the fact that the odds of getting hit by lightning are better than being shot by these criminals, it is that there is some known intelligence behind the acts and the apparent helplessness of the public that escalates the alarm beyond what it should be.

    The isrealis have to be chuckling to themselves about now. They've only been forced to live with this for how long? To them, it is still tragic, but they've come to terms with it. They continue to function as a leading world society in one of the most hostile environments possible. They've also come to the grim conclusion that this sort of behavior can only be addressed in one manner, and that is swift, destructive retaliation. The only times when the isrealis have restrained from doing so has been at the dire insistance of the US.

    Our founding fathers, and many of our great leaders from the past, have got to be hanging their heads in shame at what has been done to this once great nation. Had something like this happened on their watch, you can be sure that the US flag would have been flying over the Bagdad palace years ago, while the governer general of the US territory of Persia would've been enjoying his breakfast on the veranda, and the view of Sadaam's head on the end of a pole. Every able bodied man in Maryland and Virginia would now be armed and on the lookout for the next sniper attack in their free time. Those men would've been proficient with the weapons they had, as well. There might even be a few posse's out, paid by the local municpalities, managed by effective LE agencies, trying to find these shooters. Instead, we have a couple hundred bureaucrats who's main focus seems to be the latest photo op. If people really stopped to think about just how vulnerable they really are, and quit living their lives in the fantasy that they will somehow be protected by someone else who's only paid to observe and report, there'd be armored cars and people carrying bullet proof barriers around with them whenever they had to go to the store or go pump gas.

    The point is, a sane man would not allow himself to remain a target in a hot zone for very long. Either you protect yourself if you have the means, or you flee. Not having the means to protect myself and my family in a manner I could be comfortable with, I would probably choose to relocate. I guess that's why I don't live in a strategically significant area for terrorism, yet.

    Consider this: For years, I've been opposed to the liberal mentality that has allowed an invasion in our country by all sorts of disreputables. I've been opposed to the fostering of deadbeats and vagrants, who are unproductive, irresponsible, and a product of "The System", who's existence has been almost entirely funded by government aid. I've been opposed to weak foreign policy that allows threats to go unchecked, and would rather buy off their safety, like giving lunch money to the bully so he won't give you a black eye.

    Now, being a married white male, I have had to fund these little liberal programs all my life. I've done so under protest and due to the threat of sever punishment if I do not comply. So I go on with my life, having just enough money to get by on, but never really having any material assets to speak of, and will probably die broke, which is, perhaps as it should be anyhow. At least I can say I earned everything I got out of life. I started with nothing more than a high school education, and I have no college degree, but I've paid my own way and then some.

    To those who insist that liberal policies are the way to go, and would remain standing on a sinking ship rather than admit they might be mistaken, I offer this comfort: If, because of your actions as listed above and others, which have allowed our security and defense to be eroded into ether, any of my friends or family should come to harm in a manner as is currently being practiced in Maryland, I will use every means at my disposal to teach you the lesson you are obviously not learning. I will make what is happening there look like a Sunday picnic, and you will be powerless to stop me, because there are hundreds of thousands of really ticked off, frustrated law abiding citizens like me who think the way I do, are in the same situation I am, and it's only a matter of time before one of us goes off. There's a fine line between just getting by and calamity, and when the only thing left to live for is taken from you, well, you see the motivation, don't you?
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    Ben, you've made a very good point here. I hear the statements of "you are not safe",but,I hear nothing about protecting oneself.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    If we had smart politicians in this country it would be a wake up call that all people should have the right to carry a firearm (felons excluded of course) instead of the screams to disarm us as a whole.:mad: Thank God Bush and Ashcroft are here, can you imagine what we'd be going through now had Gore gotten in?
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    If anything, this should show why gun control is ineffective and unacceptable. After all, now it is "for the kids". Given the chance, I would bet one years salary that a common Joe (not you, NRA) would get a clear shot at this moron before the police even find out who it is. I know if this idiot were here, he/they wouldn't have much of a chance.
    Has anyone found it ironic, also, that these murders are occuring in the areas with some of the strictest gun control in the nation?
    Ben, you're right on target. Very well thought-out, and impeccable. Good statement. Couldn't agree more....

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I pointed that out on the liberal Slate "magazine" and just got called alot of foul names and dispersions upon my family lineage...BASTIDS! :throwup:
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    NraJoe, it isn't a problem of dumb politicians. but rather a dumb elecorate that votes for unrealistic, pie in the sky candidates!!!:nod:
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    Joe, screw those liberal morons. They are living proof that birth control should be retroactive...:mad: :assult:
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    NRAJoe, some people would rather perpetuate insanity than face reality. I don't waste my breath trying to make such strong arguments with people who do not want to listen. I will only point out the flaws in their arguments, and refute their claims when the facts don't support their position. Liberal minds always resort to personal attacks when their position can no longer be supported by facts or logic.

    Now they are becoming victims.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I merely state my beliefs or paste something pro-gun then leave the site or only reply to the pro-gun people that cruise the board. I don't reply to the nitwits anymore...just a waste of time.
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    Did you see me beat hell outta them last few days? I had majority of the posts on one thread, and lots of support.
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    No! Sorry I missed them, didn't want to see their idiotic drivel for one day.
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    Ben I truly enjoyed your post. Being someone who worked and "understood"....and probly even belived the liberal "your not a bad person you did a bad thing" view of criminals and the like..guess Im a recovering liberal..I often spend my time now questioning just how we can continue to let the ovious wrongs of society continue....I still shake my head when polaticians talk about welfare refor and then put in so many "loopholes" that then numer of people geting "free" $$ for breading goes down on paper....but up in reality. Every sunday I look through the paper and debate going back into social work....be a little more $$ for me in some case...generaly about the same $$ as staying in security (which is realy messed up in a way)...the one think I found refreshing when I started working security is the people I often work with...the night auditors..cleaning crews..2 and 3 shift factory workers.....these people area some of the best..and trueset Americans one could hope to meet....many work the 3rd shift so spouce can work 1st and they dont have to put kids in daycare...they are working on their 2nd jop (full or part time) rather than give up and collect welfare.....some are going back to school and work nights so they have days free for school....in short hard working..willing to work for what they want people...
    Its so refreshing to work with these people...that even on the few interviews Ive gone on as I listen to they types of clients I'll be working with if I take this social work job..I just cant see the 50-100$ a payday being worth it.