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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Oct 20, 2002.

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    Been sucking up the OT and chatching up on the to-do list so I aint had time to seriouly look into some ?? that have been running through my brain....any info would be appricated...just some goofey???

    1. This DC "sniper" they made a big deal in the news about last nights shooting being the first weekend shooting....implying that this clown works weekends so cant shoot people on the weekends....my ??? is what is the Muslim Sabath day...ie for jews its sundown friday night untill sundown saturday night (some christian groups observe this as well) For christians Sunday is the big go to church day....IF BIG IF this clown is a muslim....could he simply be observing their sabath?

    2. The start day of the the "sniper" attacts 10/02/02 I heard thats the day congress agreed to let bush attack Iraq is that correct?

    3. The Oklahoma Bombing..Mcviegh...I read somewere it occured on the same day that Wacco happened...which is also Adolph Hitler's B-day does anyone know if thats correct of just an urban ledgend?

    4. 09-11 I read that in the Turner Diaries that Sept 11th (1990 ish) was a major assult on huston tx in the book.....is there any connection? (Rember McVeigh was reportly motavated by that book to blow up the FBI building in OKC) Is 9/11 a significant Muslim holaday, bithday...or other significant date for the Muslims?

    5. Back to the DC thing....just currious what how many people die each day in DC...from Child abuse..car accadents..violent crime....ect...I mean its messed up that this "sniper" shoot 10 people...but what about the other "murders" that occured in DC during that time frame...are the not just as important?

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    You are right on the OKC thing. I also believe that the date is "Patriots day". One more thing I've heard about OKC is there IS an Arab connection and that's why the building was torn-down so quick,and Tim was executed so quick. ???????