A fit of lunacy or chronic cheapness

Discussion in 'Rimfire Rifles' started by MoDoc, May 17, 2018.

  1. MoDoc

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    While my wife & I were very modest in creating offspring, my 7 siblings were not; ditto for my wife's 4 siblings. Somehow, I became the supplier of first .22 rifles to most of these nieces & nephews, as well as first instructor for gun safety rules and safe handling. It started with many Marlins going from my hands to theirs, and ended in a large run of Mossberg 702 & 802's being passed on to them, when I became more budget-conscious. It seems to have worked out well enough.
    I still have plenty of .22 lr rifles of my own - Marlins & Rugers, but I find myself thinking of collecting a sampling of other budget-friendly .22 rifles. I've been happy with the Mossberg Plinksters that have gone through me, but I'm looking at picking up a Rossi, and a couple of Armscor products.
    It seems harmless to build a collection of budget .22 rifles just for kicks. I'll probably haunt pawn shops for anything that strikes my fancy as well.
    What say you?
  2. Big Dog

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    I have some thirty-plus rimfires in my collection. My favorites are my Mossbergs. The classics, NOT the later Brazilian-made 702s and 802s.
    Tough steel, quality wood, American quality.

  3. I was going to place a bet with myself who'd be first to respond and sure enough, there's Mr Rimfire :rolleyes:
  4. jerry

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    When .22 was no longer being sold at $9.00 a brick, a lot of orphaned .22’s seemed to hit the racks, at least in this area. Good opportunities.
  5. Dutch

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    I'm probably the wrong person to ask, because I think having a collection of 22's is a necessity. I say go for it.

    They may never go up much in value, but they'll always be cool.
  6. Ten Man

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    Be sure to include at least one "Supremely Viable Ruger 10/22" in ANY .22LR collection. LOL!
  7. shanebrews

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    My dad was telling me not too long ago he had picked up a Cricket for my older daughter. She is 3. Secretly, I think he wanted a Cricket just to play around with it a couple of times. I'm sure he will pass it to her at some point.

    I've been impressed with the Mossberg Plinksters but it has been about five years since I had hands on one. I bought a Marlin 60 instead when I wanted a cheap rimfire. My old buddy bought a Marlin 795 and I was not impressed. I hardly even shoot my Marlin anymore because the Henry carbine I bought for my wife is better. In fact, I was just shooting that Henry a bit last week.
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  8. Jaison

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    Another inexpensive option is a Rossi Youth. Like the NEF stuff, youngsters can grow into .22lr, .22mag, .410 all with just a barrel change.
  9. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    I only have a few rimfires. I have a Ruger 10/22 all dressed up in that scary black tactical furniture, a Marlin 17HMR and another Marlin chambered in 22WMR. That and a 22 revolver with both 22LR ad 22WMR cylinders. My son in law bought my grandson a nice little Ruger 10/22 for his first birthday and for Christmas he got him a couple BX25 25 round magazines for said rifle. Sounds a little fishy to me. Something tells me the Ruger will be broke in well before the boy ever has a chance to pull the trigger. :)
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  10. Big Dog

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    Just roing my bit, Johnny!
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  11. gsbuickman

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    Hell yeah, you can't go wrong with a nice collection of good shooting 22's :) . I have an affinity for the fine old vintage 22's made for 22 / 22L & 22LR and I have a hard time passing up a good deal on one when they pop up on our local gun Grapevine. Out of the 17 or 18 rifles I have & besides my 10/22, 5 or 6 of them are 22's from the 1930's to the 60's w/ my Stevens Buckhorn tube feed bolt action from about 1935' being the oldest . I find that the old vintage 22's are much better shooters Dan any of the newer cheap off-the-shelf production rifles that you usually see , and they're much better quality. One thing you want to keep an eye out for are the old department store guns from Sears Roebuck & Co . & Monkey Wards. most of the Sears department store 22s that I've seen are nice old High Standard's that were made before high-standard went out of business in the late 60s like my JC Higgins model 31. The best thing about nice old vintage 22s is their better shooters & you can usually pick them up for a song these days because most people want some kind of plastic Mall ninja tactical junk instead .
  12. runfiverun

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    22's cost too much to shoot.
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  13. Ten Man

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    A very sad statement of current affairs, for most folks.

    Fortunately, I had stocked up before Obola got "elected" and I have plenty to last a LONG time, unless the grandkids get a hold of it! LOL!!
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  14. jerry

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    I shoot the stuff like it’s a buck a round.
  15. MoDoc

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    I toss it around like a wealthy man of leisure feeding pigeons, not even seeing where it goes - just smiling at the shiny brass piling up to the right of me.
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  16. Have to say that I never exit a gun store without perusing the used rimfire rack!

    A couple of my favorite finds have been my Remington Speed master, my H&R 22 mag autoloader (can't remember the model number at the moment) and an old JC Higgins pump that can handle s/l/lr, and I'm sure there will be new additions to the collection when something catches my eye.
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  17. Big Dog

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    That's what I did for years, especially the local pawnshops. Prices were cheap enough to bukld a good collection. But several years ago, prices climbed. No good deals anymore.
    Latest rimfire I bought was the Henry Goldenboy, for full retail price. Lovely rifle, excellent shooter. But can't afford any more at that price!
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  18. rando

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    I am not sure about costly to shoot a 22. There is so much 22 in supply right now and cheap. I saw CCI boxes of 50 for like $2.50 a box at Walmart a little while ago. They have 100 round packs in many brands for like $7 a box. I have hundreds of boxes of bricks of 22 stored for future use. Cheapest ammo to buy and shoot
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  19. rando

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    I have collected 22 rifles for over 40 years. I have like lets just say far enough of them. I have many lever actions, semi auto, bolt action tube feed, single shot etc.. in about every brand and even from department stores.
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  20. runfiverun

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    7 cents each is almost double what I shoot my 9mm and 44 type guns for.
    cheap is relative.