A frightening look into an anti gunners mind

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  1. Howdy,

    This is off the M-1 page on another site. It is so good it bears repeating here.
    In a post titled, "is it illegal to...." a fellow with a name very similar to mine asked this question -

    "Is it illegal to buy a M-14 magazine spring and floor plate kit and then buy a M-14 magazine body and put them togeather and use it?"

    Several run of the mill, useful responses were posted. Then there is this one.
    Buy a poster calling themselves, "Sarah"

    " Only a deranged psychopath would even desire to posess a device that is so obviously evil. I suggest that you enroll yourself in some counselling before we have to have you committed under our soon to be enacted mental hygine law, which will enable the BATF to detain gun owners without trial untill they have proven that they aren't a threat to society and undergo six weeks of intensive therapy to cure them of their obsession with destructive devices."
    This poster left this e mail addy, " [email protected] "
    Here was my response,

    "I'd say Howdy, but I am not shure.

    Uh, how can an inanimate object be evil? A gun is no more evil than a kinfe, a car or a shovel full of dirt. You may be the one that needs your soon to be enacted mental hygine law. You are the one that assigns human psychopatic traits to inanimate objects.

    "Enable the BATF to detain gun owners without trial untill they have proven that they aren't a threat to society and undergo six weeks of intensive therapy to cure them of their obsession with destructive devices."

    Uh, that law would subvert the US Constitution wouldn't it? Huh, madame Comrade?

    See the irrational minds we are up against? I'd also like to point out, once again, Ted Kennedy has killed more people with a car than I, or anyone I know has with a gun."
    Now, I strongly suggest that we all take heed to this post from Sarah. If this was a troll stirring the pot, they did a good job. I actually suspect it is from an anti gun type, but not Miss Brady herself.

    But it is a very clear picture into the twisted mind of an anti gun zealot. This is what we are up against, people willing to enact laws that would have made Hitler, Stalin and Tojo proud!

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    sounds like he or she be a few rounds short of a full clip to me.
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  3. Oxford

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    I believe there's a good chance that Sarah was, like you said, baiting us. Those comments run 180 degrees against our grain.

    On the other hand, the comments need to be countered just in case it's a legitimate post. Your statement was well written and to the point of what we're about.
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    The things she said were so extreme that I think it was a joke. Maybe someone is so silly to post that on a gun forum, but the absolute lack of communicative skills (as in speaking other people's language) and the complete disregard for any personal freedom seem phony. I'd say it was a troll at worst, but could have been a joke, or maybe a test.
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    With as irrational as I've seen some anti-gunners be, then it wouldn't surprise me if she was serious. But the fact remains we need to counter any posts with our logic. We all know the anti-gunners rhetoric, but we also know why it's wrong. Time to counter their baseless arguments, troll or not.

  6. Calvin

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    Sounds like a troll to me. Some peole have nothing better to do than mess with people.
    I'd like to see someone with enough kahunas to show up on THIS forum under the name Sarah.....:D
  7. May be a troll, maybe not

    Howdy all,

    I think it may have been a troll too. Like I said, it may be someone stirring the pot, or an anti really trying to get us fired up enough to send nasty andgry e mail to the e mail addy given.

    However, there are people that think like that. And they are generally the ones running the organizations that seek to make you and I criminals because we hunt, and we kill the poor defenseless animals.

    The leader of Peta has gone on record as saying, A boy is a pig, is a dog, is a rat, or something very close to that. This psycopath thinks a rat, pig and dog should have the same rights as humans do. She thinks exterminating rats is wrong!

    People call Ted Nugent up and threaten to kill his family because he hunts, and hunts "savagely" with a bow.

    We can't hunt and kill animals, but it is okay for a woman to kill an unborn in her womb.

    These nuts are so against the fur business and medical research that they dont mind burning things down, blowing them up or freeing animals to be smooshed flat on the highway, or starve to death as they cannot find mink chow laying about in the wild.

    These people burn down McDonalds restaurants to end cruelty to cattle.

    And if any people die in these attacks, they don't care, they were evil anyway.

    My larger point is, on the whole, that type of sentiment fuels the people that would make you a felon right now, just because you own guns.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Right on M1 so true it's sickning