a good argument for owning a gun

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    couldnt see the video as linked so looked for it on youtube. yeah a gun would have been much better but he got 2 really good hits in. you could hear solid hits .=)

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    where were the cops? No reason to have a gun, the guy could have kept going. There was no threat to his life. Now me personally I would have felt the need to put those punks at "bay" so yes I would have needed a firearm.
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    Why didn't he power drive into the allyt at about 6 seconds and wipe them all out ??
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    If he'd been driving a "real" car, a couple of doughnuts could've been classified as a "horrific accident when a drivers' throttle became stuck" :D
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    If would have been real entertaining if the guy with the camera had a paintball gun or some bean bag shotgun rounds to rain pain on these knuckleheads.
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    ouch. couple of those had to hurt lol. but I woulda rather had a gun...or at least had a gun AND a bat lol
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    When I saw the thread title my response was I don't need an argument, it's a right
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  9. Ha ha I was thinking the same thing when I saw the thread title.

    Guy had some balls to stand up to those guys with a base ball bat, how ever if it was me they would have had a gun in there face instead of a bat. I have had people do that kind of crap to me in Anchorage. At the time I was under age to own a pistal so I got out of dodge best I could but its always comforting to now know that I always have my gun on my side if I ever feel my life is threatened.

    This guy in the video though could have just drove away and called the police. But then again in bosten, who knows if the cops would have even done any thing about it.
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    I see crap like that all the time working plain clothes patrol.. heck i see just as much stuff like this when Im in uniform too lol. I think there are a disproportionate number of angry morons who feel they have something to prove where I live sadly. :angryfire:

    In fact something very similar happened to me a few years ago when a group of people blocked the road, forcing me to stop, then more on the sidewalk jumped ran up and started trying to get into my car and punch my windows. (No I was not working at the time)

    I floored it and made the people in front of me get out of the way.

    In this case, perhaps we can all smile on the inside to some extent at the level of vigilante street justice that occurs in this video (its always satisfying to see someone get their "one upance or whats coming to them" but that doesn't always make it right and the laws are there for a reason so that there is some base level of structure in our society or otherwise we might as well be living in Liberia or Somalia)

    I would have taken all 8 of them to jail. And unfortunately the guy with the bat would have gotten charged with the felony(s).... including possibly attempted 2nd degree murder swinging for the head like that. He found himself in a fight, he was in his car and he did the right thing and drove away.... then instead of letting anyone know about it he stopped and then came back and re- engaged the idiots with a bat thus lowering himself to their level of stupidity.

    He went from an innocent victim who found himself in a bad situation to one who went from a safe area and aggressively put himself purposely in one.

    If anyone in this forum did the same thing and substitute bat for handgun we would be in the same trouble or worse.

    No different than someone who gets into a fist fight in the bar, gets kicked out and then goes to their car, gets their gun and walks back in with the intent to confront/shoot the other half. <--- seen that one too.

    I'm also sure that bat swinger man came back later on to find the persons car who got dented by the bat he let fly out of his hand when he was swinging it.

    The minute he started swinging it I started counting the seconds before I predicted that he would either drop it or send it flying. It went flying shortly thereafter. Good thing one of group didn't pick it up and use it on him. He almost got dragged back out of his car in the end too when he realized he lost his weapon and ran back to his car. What a royal stomping that would have been if they had managed to drag him out of his drivers seat.

    Also if you noticed its more like 1 Boston punk not 7. It was initially one angry probably drunk guy with a bunch of his buddies yelling and screaming at him to stop and leave. The rest of the group only jumped in when bat swinging guy came back and tried to knock out their friend.

    grrr people are stupid.

    For those asking "Well TACAV what would you have done?"

    if I was off duty with only my handgun and a spare mag by myself, I would have done the same thing this guy did initially and try to get off the plain of attack and drive away. Then once around the corner safe, I would have called it in and get help/backup... backup that is more equipped to deal with the matter properly. It looks to be a small narrow street with probably two ways in and easy to box these people in.and Im sure a call for a raging group of people trying to assault people in their cars would get people there pretty quick. If I managed to get out of the initial confrontation and there is no more imminent threat to someone there is no need to try to confront seven people by myself without all the tools and backup I would have if I were working.
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  11. good point
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    I thought it was gonna be like...some advice on how to get your wife/gf to let you buy more guns...then I realized that my gf doesn't care if I buy guns!!! She shot the CZ52 this weekend!!
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    That is one of the main reasons I want bean bags :) for jerks you want to teach a lesson, but can't legally kill.
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    New York
    Oh, the cops would have done something about it, AA. They'd have arrested the guy with the pistol! Massachusetts is the most anti-gun state in the Union, and Boston is the worst of the worst when it comes to private citizens owning a pistol in the Commonwealth.

    The state's attitude about the ownership of pistols, never mind concealed carry of same, is on a par with that of Chicago, New York City and DC. They are just a little more genteel about it, is all. It's not impossible to own a pistol. But to carry it concealed in Boston if you live there? You'd have a better chance of survivng parading the length of Allenby Road in Jerusalem buck naked while wearing a sign with a photo of the mounds of dead Jews at Belsen that read, "Hitler had the right idea" than you would of getting a CCW in Boston!

    You might remember that at least two episodes of William Shatner's TV series Boston Legal revolved around Denny Crane (Shatner's character) shooting people that needed shooting when, as far as I can tell, Denny did not have a concealed carry permit. (It was never explicitly stated either way, but I'm sure that Denny would have mentioned it at some point if he had one.) In one of those episodes, he wanted to lose the case in order to force the issue of concealed-carry in Massachusetts, and by extension the United States, in front of the Supreme Court (this was before DC vs Heller and McDonald vs Chicago). The trouble was, defense attorney Jerry Espenson argued so forcefully to the jury that they found him not guilty.

    David Kelley, the producer of Boston Legal, tends to be a liberal. But he's not above promoting a conservative point of view if it makes for a good script. He was trying to make a point about the Second Amendment being an absolute right in his "Denny shot somebody again" scripts.
  15. Well, for one I would not have gotten out of the car in the first place lol when there is 7 of them and 1 of me even with a gun i would not have gotten out. I just hear of to many stories of the police showing up after the fact when the damage is done, and in some of the big cities where they dont show up at all if they dont think (Think is the key word) they can do any thing about it. I have nothing against any of the cops on the board so please do not take that as directed to any of you.

    How ever the comment I made about they would have had a gun in there face was more in the even of a situation where I was already out of the car and could not get to it to get away. I guess I should have restated that comment better. If there is another way out it should always be taken, how ever If there is no escape and there are 7 guys coming at me for no reasen and I think they may have the intent to kill you better be da*& right im ganna pull that gun out.