A guy stopped at a local gas station

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    A guy stopped at a local gas station and, after filling his
    tank, he paid the bill and bought a soft drink. He stood by
    his car to drink his cola and watched a couple of men working
    along the roadside. One man would dig a hole two or three
    feet deep and then move on. The other man came along behind
    him and filled in the hole. While one was digging a new hole,
    the other was 25 feet behind filling in the hole. The men
    worked right past the guy with the soft drink and went on
    down the road.

    "I can't stand this," said the man tossing the can into a
    trash container and heading down the road toward the men.
    "Hold it, hold it," he said to the men. "Can you tell me
    what's going on here with all this digging and refilling?"
    "Well, we work for the government and we're just dong our
    job," one of the men said.
    "But one of you is digging a hole and the other fills it
    up. You're not accomplishing anything. Aren't you wasting
    the taxpayers' money?"
    "You don't understand, mister," one of the men said, leaning
    on his shovel and wiping his brow.
    "Normally there's three of us: me, Elmer and Leroy. I dig
    the hole, Elmer sticks in the tree and Leroy, here, puts
    the dirt back. Now just because Elmer's sick, that don't
    mean that Leroy and me can't work."