A lesson in purchasing scopes

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    I chose Natchezss because I just received a shipment from them and they had a closeout flyier I went through.I chose this particular scope because what happens with scopes and the market is so obvious on this one because of it's features.Many scopes are being sold under multiple names and prices and they,like this one are the same scope,just different Company names.You look at them and scopes under different names are identical,controls and all,just different names and prices. On page 7 under Bushnell: 4X12x42 yardage pro Lazer Rangefinder-Demo Our all in one guide to hitting everything.-sale $499.95--Page 8:under Burris,4X12X42 Laser scope,Sale price,$599.95--Page 10:Under Nikon,4X12X42 Laser IRT Riflescope,$599.95 for one type and $569.95 for another (I think they mean something different in lenses.) These are all three identical as far as looks and such and would be well worth the price.What I am getting at is the person that buys by name only may be passing up a good deal on the same scope under a different name.You look at the (blocks?) and adjustments and general profile and often they are the same identical scope with a different company name and quite possibly price on them.It is happening on all comodities,not just scopes,in this global market.Getting to where a MFG name is really just a figure head.
  2. I'd also point out a sale price doesn't always mean sale.

    When I was looking for a scope, the Weaver Super Slam Euro style 1.5-6X24mm scope, which, I got from MidwayUSA for $419.00 shipped. Natchez had it for like $300 more then Midway and everywhere else. I called and inquired, the guy I spoke to at Natchez said it seemed high (I told him three places where it was way lower) and said he'd send a price check request. To this day, it's still like $300 more. Natchez can beat other places prices, but only on certain items. Unfortunately, like those other places, they make up for it on other items.

    Weaver Super Slam Euro Style Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 1.5-6x 24mm First Focal Illuminated German #4 Reticle Matte - MidwayUSA

    And at Natchez, make that almost $400 more. And, they still have the wrong picture. I told the guy about that as well. MidwayUSA has the correct picture of the item.



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    Interesting thread, I've noticed this kind of thing in a lot of different products and not just scopes.
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    I always cross reference prices between suppliers for the same item. I also check shipping charges as you may save a few bucks on the items but spend way more to have them shipped, negating your savings.
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    Good point Samuel. I've noticed this same thing with a lot of products these days. Especially coming out of China. Different paint color and decals according to the company, but the exact same product with sometimes rather large price differences.
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    The thing to watch though with this is that a company can make a product that looks the same on the outside, but the inards are of varying quality.
    For example the company that I work for stocks "Deka" And "Value" brand batteries. These are made by East Penn Manufacturing in Pennsylvania. They make at least two "qualities" of batteries the "Value" being of lower quality, plus a "supreme" line. Fleet Farm (And a number of other major retailers) carry East Penn batteries under their own label. They look exactly the same as the Deka that we carry, but has a different sticker on it. But which "quality" is it? I couldn't tell you. But the external looks the same. I've had some people tell me it is the same battery, and I've had other's who are loyal customers of our's and swear that Fleet Farm batts are junk and they'll never own another one! My point is that the externals can be the exact same, they can be made in the same plant, on the same line, and still be very different in quality! Just something to watch out for.
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    The old adage of being willing to spend as much on optics as you are for the rifle no longer holds much merit.