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A Little Humour In Uniform

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Thanks to all the Vets, and those still serving. I may b**ch abt. these newCan. gun laws, but if it wasn't for your sacrifices and bravery things would be a million times worse! You all put up with enough B.S. so I thought I'd share a few chuckles I heard @ the Royal Canadian Legion;
    :D A draftee wants to opt out on medical grounds due to poor eyesight. Officer in charge says "you aren't even wearing glassses, whats your proof?":confused: "Well sir, heres a picture of my wife!":cool:
    :D This is supposedly true from a buddy in NATO. Being not too far from a town that still had some liquor available for sale, a few of the boys rounded up a little jingle, and managed to sign out a Jeep, for a classified reason. After picking up the hooch, they arrived back @ the base only to be met by the commanding officer. When asked why they would try to pull off such a stunt, my buddy responded "Sometimes forgiveness is easier to get than permission, sir" The C.O aquired himself a bottle of his choice and they carried on with the incident never spoken of again.
    :rolleyes: 3 newly inducted soldiers from the Ozarks went up to the info. desk at the Y.M.C.A. and asked what the Y had to offer. They were told they could read mags. write letters and visit the game room. None showed much interest until they were told there was swimming in the basement . They were down the stairs like a shot but came up nearly as fast. Approaching the desk, the leader of the group lamented loudly " I thoughts ya said theres wimmen in the basement!!:D
    I've heard a few more but will save them for another time or put them on the humour forum, just thought these applied best for vets and the like.
  2. Well, well, was nice to wake up to a few good chuckles this morning....keep 'em comiing Taras....yepper