Mossberg A mew Maverick for mav359

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by mav359, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. mav359

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    $189.95 new :D

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  2. Spooky.45

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    ive got that exact shotgun its one of the best deals out there in my opinion and mine after 3000+ rds is still going strong lol. hope you enjoy it as much as ive enjoyed mine

  3. Sober

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    Yah I've also got that same Shotty but I paid 260 Used(But NEVER FIRED dude had bought it and decided he wanted something else so took it back) NEVER BUY THEM FROM A SMALL GUNSHOP I was pissed when I saw the same gun at Sports Autority for 225-250 Brand New You got a heck of a deal my friend!
  4. im sure you will like it :D I have a 5 shot (wish it was the bigger magazine tube) and have had it fr 8 years now and have put well over 1000rounds (probolubly closer to 2500 or more to be honost) and it has never let me down, used it at -40f up to 115f and has always worked without a hitch. For the money they cant be beat in my opinion.
  5. thoricuncle

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    Nice gun and good price.

    I bought the field model (28" barrel) from Walmart for $177. I then found the 18 1/2" barrel at Cabellas for $80. Most of the time she stays in Home Defense mode, but every other week, I put on the 28" barrel and we go to the trap club. I love being able to shoot as well as someone with an over-under that cost as much as my car.