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A Midget

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Uncle Red, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. Uncle Red

    Uncle Red G&G Newbie

    A midget went to the corner bar one night ordering the strongest drink available. Once he had finished the drink, he asked who was the strongest man in the room. When the bartender pointed the man out, the midget approached the man, picked a fight, and whipped him. The next night the midget returned. Again, he ordered the strongest drink, picked a fight with the strongest man and won. Being concerned about the loss of business, the bartender decided he needed to take some kind of measures to end the midget's visits. He had a large... mean.... gorilla delivered and placed in the mens rest room. That night after the midget had finished his drink, the bartender told him the strongest was in the rest room. There were painful moans and loud noises echoing from the rest room just shortly after the midget had entered. Then, the midget came out.......walked up to the bartender and said........."whenever that guy wakes up, tell him I put his fur coat in the trash can".
  2. I heard a similar one.Young farm boy wants to join up with the cavalry. They tell him if he can beat up a bear, and make love to the ugliest woman they find, he can join. There are a couple of caves nearby, and he's anxious to get to it . He enters the first cave and much squealing, yelling, grunting and groaning comes echoing out.
    After a short spell, out pops the boy with cuts,scratches and blood every where. He takes a swig of whiskey, looks over to the General, and says "now wheres the bear?":p