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A most unexpected package (pic HEAVY)

Discussion in 'Bullet Casting' started by MikeWA, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. A friend gave me some 50 BMG powder. I've been trying to work up a 30-30 load. This stuff burns slower than used corn cob media. I don't load anything larger than 308 Win right now. I hate to see a powder go to waste. I've studied Veral's article on using a kicker, but I'm not so sure about doing that without pressure trace equipment.

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  2. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    it needs at least 50-K to start cleaning up.

    when I started working on speed in my 308 I used 4831.
    I started stupid low and just kept coming forward.
    I would alternate a filler and a non filler loads.
    basically working up two separate [.5gr. step] loads at the same time.
    as soon as the fillered load showed a clean up of the residue in the barrel I stopped using it and proceeded in .3 gr steps with just the powder from that point on.
    I started hitting an accuracy node right before the clean burn stage and moved ahead one more .3gr. step knowing I was in the 50-K range.
    I started hitting a node of accuracy right there and searched around a bit more in .2 gr steps.
    neither side of the load I settled on made a difference so I knew I had hit what I wanted close to the pressure I needed to be under.

    in the 30-30 BMG-50 is still on the super, super duper, slow side.
    and you have an even lower pressure window to work in.
    so what you need for a kicker is something that will burn under weight [bullet and powder] and not break your 30-K area [safety zone] but with enough heat to light off the slower powder.
    you won't spike straight up from there when the slower powder kicks off because the bullet will be moving and creating more room for the extra gas to fill the bore.

    something like 15grs of rl-7 or 4198 would be a good place to start.
    that amount of either one in the 30-30 alone is low pressure [too low by itself]
    but it is enough powder at a low enough pressure [around 20-K] and slow enough burn speed to ignite the other powder on top.
    you also have room [pressure] to search around for a little better combustion of the secondary powder.
    by using less of a faster powder, or just a hotter primer.
    but it would give you a starting point with a 'comfort factor' built in.
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  3. Ken in Iowa

    Ken in Iowa G&G Evangelist

    This is one of those threads that makes me smile for many reasons.
  4. MikeWA

    MikeWA G&G Evangelist

    Here are two samples of the slow powder that I am going to try to learn to use with 50BMG.
  5. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    210 to 225 grs of the 870 will work in the 50.

    the 857 I'm not too sure on, but would think IMR-7828 data would be about the closest.
    H-1000 would just be marked as such.
  6. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Nice. I have been to their hq in Shawnee Mission. Small unassuming place with a Gatling gun in the lobby. their actual plant is located elsewhere.
  7. jimb2

    jimb2 G&G Enthusiast

    He probably sent you maybe 30-40% of the bullets that he casts. I didn't notice any 311299s or 311291s in the bunch. I cast most of those myself. I particularly like that Loverin in my single shot .30-30. If he is like me, he has at least 40-50 molds. For my BP .44s alone, I have 3 different molds. For my .38/.357s I have 7 molds and 4 more for the 9mms. Be very careful! Casting can become VERY ADDICTIVE!