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    OK, I currently have a 2'x4' reloading bench that also serves as my gun maintenance/ Smithing bench. Iam going to move upstairs (read downtown). I can build a 2'x8' bench without pissng of the Chief of Smoke! In additon, I am installing a cable modem to put my Gun Related Only Laptop on my bench. I need a bench for maintenance, for reloading, and for pictue taking (I'll explain later).
    My question is, if you divide the bench into2'x2' surface squares, how do you arrange the bench for:

    A place for a stool at the press.
    Arranging powder scale, and such around it.
    2 lower shelves about 2'x2'.
    4 ft for an inspection/maintenance station.
    Room for a magnifying reach lamp.
    A vice on one end of the bench, mounted to the front.
    The laptop will be on a roller drawer at the stool position. A Super Flat monitor screen wil be mounted on the wall above. It will be cable modem.
    I will build a 10" shelf across the back.

    I have all the lumber at my disposal except the bench surface material. I am thinking 3/4" for stability. Corners would be 4x4 treated legs. Connects will be 2'x4' treated as it is wha I have, and it wll add add'l weight.

    I you talk in terms of 2'x2', left to right, top to bottom, it would help me visualize.

    The Photography area can be the maintenance area. I do jewelery/guns/coins for insurance c's.

    Geez, I just read this! Good luck wth all you engineers!
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    Tough question. IMO, that's all pretty much a personal thing, whatever works best for you. Take whatcha got and set it up all over the bench, move things around, try different things, and take photos of each setup. I'm sure you'll come up with whatcha like, everybody's preferences are different.

  3. HUH! LMAO J/K I do agree with the Good luck part though swede. I'm in the market for a bench also. Yet another thread/post I'll have to keep and eye on...
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  4. I have a 5' bench with four drawers / two shelves under split and 2'x4' pegboard backwall and a shelf on top of that. IF I keep it organized I can pretty much fit everthing in. Oh yeah I have a trick removable mounting for three different presses made from square tubing that slips in and out easily. Plus a have a roll away tool box for extra storage as well. I have my computer work station right next to all this. This is in a 9'x12' room my daughter calls my "Man Cave".
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    I think you pretty much have it all figured out. I would build the bench and then just try a few arrangements until you get one you like. I would suggest 3/4" plywood (good one side) for the top and any shelves that will take any weight. Particle board sags over time if loaded with anything heavy - like bags of shot... Guess why I know?

    On computer stuff I used to run cable everywhere, but now have gone wireless. Works very well. If you are concerned about security, I can get you a good procedure to keep the neighbours out.

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    Just a thought

    Swede Steve: Sir; a daunting task; "perfect" work bench.
    I did some research for our service guys [bench workers] working on pneumatic tools. Some spent the day standing, some sitting with some in between. Quicker workers 'stood'. Couldn't get any differential between quality.
    What I did discover.
    Right handers had 'vice' on the front right corner, left hander 'left' side. Interesting.
    Bench height ranged from approx. 35-42". We had stools.
    Bench width appeared best at about 30" with a solid back rest; so the small parts didn't run away. i.e. get under the backing to the floor.
    Bench length seemed best at 42"
    Drawers under these were aggravating for them. Moving from side to side while working.
    I designed a 'drawer' at one end of the bench that would swing away when needed. Simple elbow design.
    I found ?junk? along side the road destined for the junk yard. Developed what seemed a decent design. Paid the service folks to try it. Ok for the first week. Junked it with exception of the top.
    Flat thick and workable. Painted with an epoxy paint, stunk to high heaven, and 5 years later still being abused. Painting seemed to help them find parts that used to be gone until clean-up.
    Simple advice? Find an old desk, chest of drawers and modify. Thicker tops means sturdier
    I did put a screen above a couple of my cleaner service guys desk, after a week; we move them.
  7. rondog

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    Go to a place that sells used office furniture, building supplies, and stuff like that. You'll find all kindsa cool stuff to accent your bench/work area.
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    3/4 plywood will be good especially if you use 12" centers for braceing. Laminate (contact cement) some formica to the top and trim flush to the top for a long lasting easy cleaning surface.

    My old wood bench made it many years that way . The new one is larger and made from steel, but I laminated formica to the top. Good luck and have fun building it. PS. If you can come across some old kitchen cabinets, mount them to the wall above the bench and install some lights underneath it.
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    Thanks for the great ideas guys!
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    I just finished making one a couple of months ago, (send you the plans if you want 'em). I glued 2 pieces of 3/4" MDF together back to back, then covered the top with formica. The MDF is really heavy and makes an extremely stout top to mount stuff. Base and legs are out of 2 x 4's. Left a full shelf under the bench where I put three, three drawer plastic shelf units from Wally World, (you can space them to miss loading press levers that extend below the bench top).
  11. billy

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    i used 2 two drawer filing cabinets and a heavy sheet of plywood with formica on top.
    i bolted the cabinets to the floor and bolted the wood to the cabinets.
    it does not move.
    and ive got 4 good sized drawers to put crap in.

    a few small strong magnets on the wall to hold tools is a good idea also.

    about $15
    i got the cabinets from a thrift store.
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  12. rondog

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    Cool! Now you can put the savings towards buying yourself some dies....
  13. billy

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    there are more dies in one of those drawers.

    but yes .
    you are right .
    i do need to stop fooling around and get some more dies for calibers of firearms i dont even own.................................yet
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  15. billy

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    i can base my gun collection around my die collection.
    hows that for weird?