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A Prayer For The Fallen

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Hans R Colt, May 27, 2002.

  1. Hans R Colt

    Hans R Colt G&G Newbie

    As the sun sets on this day, I reflect upon its importance in our life today...for those men and women that we honor today, I want you to know that while the days come and go, there are many still here who remember you and will always cherish your dream and appreciate your sacrifice to preserve our way of life.

    For those brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters who bravely fought and stood the line with you join me to celebrate your lives and the bravery that you exuded; and to those who were born enjoying the fruits of your sacrifice, know that you will always be beside us, teaching us about ourselves and what it took to get here, always cherishing that wonderful gift of freedom you've bestowed on us and to generations yet unborn...

    And so, while you lie in restful slumber I hope that you dream of us and the life of freedom we live, and know that we continue to remember your life and dreams still...until we meet again.

  2. 7mmag6

    7mmag6 G&G Newbie

    my dad served proudly in the navy, on LST 957, he was at iwo and Okinawa, and Ishima, and withered kamikaze attacks, he was my friend and pop, and passed in 1997, my father in law served in every campaign in ww2, north africa, Italy, and europe as a rifle man and combat engeneer, he was wounded twice with two purple hearts, and served in Korea, and Vietnam, both are bearied at the national cemetary in Sante Fe new Mexico, today was tough for me, and a prayer, thanks pop for always bieng there for me, and your sacrifice and love, and my father in law mike, for his devotion and service, to our country, and great courage, i miss you both Amen
  3. Hans that brought a tear to my eye. My dad served during the korean war in the airforce, and though he was never in the midst of battle, I just want to say thanks dad for all the great things you taught me, like courage, honesty, and how to be a neat freak.
    Untill we meet again I Love You Dad.

    Thanks Hans amd God Bless.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

  5. 7mmag6

    7mmag6 G&G Newbie

    we honour are fallen, and beloved in service in whatever capacity, to America, and our beloved democracy, heroes all