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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by melloyellow, May 28, 2008.

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    Members; new guy here! I have a question for you that regards the accuracy of given calibers. I had someone, who I only briefy know, tell me that the Smith & Wesson .40 and the 10MM are not inherenty accurate rounds, as compared to a .45. Anyone out there go along with that? I mean, given that you take out the person from the equation, are these two calibers less accurate that a .45 or 9MM or .357 or .22 ? I like the 10MM but this persons comment left me scratching my head. It's not a big deal cause I still shoot 10MM but just wondering.

    P.S. the person who mentioned this is somewhat of a target shooter.

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    the 40 cals have become very popular in IPSC, and if they werent accurate, they wouldnt be using them. in target shooting, the .45 has 1 advantage, it makes a slightly larger hole in the paper, which on a marginal shot has the potential to cut the scoring ring resulting in a higher scoring hit.

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    Got to love that 10 mm!

    I am not convinced on the end-all accuracy of the .40 I hear the .40 supporters touting. It may be that the pistols I have fired are not themselves accurate. I, grudgingly, do admit to believing it is slightly better then the 9mm in that department. The 9mm is not the most inherently accurate round out there, so that's 1 down.
    However, I would be hard pressed to bet it will outperform a decent .45 on accuracy. That would be very surprising to me. And finding out it was more accurate then a .22 would shock me into a coma that not even Chuck Norris himself could kick me out of.

    Anyone got a link to some test data, or should we bring this little Quandry to the Box-O-Truth's attention and mail them some ammo?
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    Whoever told you that probably owns more than one 45, LOL !!
  5. That's pure bullpucky! Of all the factors that determine accuracy, bullet diameter is not the top of the list.