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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sniper[MI], May 27, 2002.

  1. Howdy!

    Just a little quiz on the tail end of Memorial Day. Can anyone tell me who wrote/said this??

    "Desperate nerds in high offices all over the world have been known to enact the most disgusting pieces of legislation in order to win votes (or, in places where they don't get to vote, to control unwanted behavior). Environmental laws were not passed to protect our air and water . . . they were passed to get votes. Seasonal anti-smut campaigns are not conducted to rid our communities of moral rot . . . they are conducted to give an aura of saintliness to the office-seekers who demand them. If a few key phrases are thrown into any speech (as the expert advisors explain to these various heads of state) votes will roll in, bucks will roll in, and, most importantly, power will be maintained by the groovy guy (or gal) who gets the most media coverage for his sleaze. Naturally, his friends in various businesses will do okay too. All governments perpetuate themselves through the daily commission of acts which a rational person might find to be stupid or dangerous (or both). Naturally, our government is no exception . . . "

    I know, but do you????
  2. wes

    wes Guest

    I'll take a guess. Comrade John McCain?

  3. Stopper

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    I'm with Klaus. The little tard Perot!
  4. The answer is.....

    Well, it was written by Frank Zappa, some 20 years ago. It is the intro to Joes Garage Act 1.

    I read this and thought Democrats!

    It is still as pertinent to them now as it was when he wrote it. Although it was his intro to a fictional story where the Govt took over and banned music, the truth in those opening words is kind of erie.....
  5. Klaus

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    Ah, finally.
  6. wes

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    Good ol Frank. I'm ashamed I didn't know that. Good one Sniper.
  7. 7mmag6

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    phi Zappa crappa, remember that? Zappa was one unique person(weasels ripped my flesh)