A random act of kindness!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by .22hustler, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Wow, I was the recipient of an act of kindness!! Stuff like this NEVER happens to me!! I went to the local grocery store to buy the wifey some ice cream. I had a pair of dirty jeans on, (I was working in them), a zip up sweatshirt, and my "U.S.Army Veteran" baseball cap, with my hair sticking out from underneath it. I must have been a sight! Well, they were giving flu-shots at the store, and I walked back to see if there was a line. Well, no line, so I asked how much for a flu shot?? I was told $30 bucks.. I said "ok", thanks, and walked away. I got about 10 feet when the nurse hollered "Sir!" Are you a veteran?? I said yes, and she said she would give me a complimentary flushot. I asked how much that would cost, and she said zero!! If her boss had any problems with it, she would pay the cost. I guess she figured I had no health insurance, and couldn't afford the price of the shot. Actually, my dr charges $10 bucks.Wow, my veteran status finally pays off.
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    Gotta love people like that woman. Kindness is a great thing I always do my best to pass it on to others.

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    Veterans of our nations armed services deserve a free flu-shot at the VERY least. IMO we should and could do more for our veterans than we do. I thank you for your service and appreciate the service of all our veterans!!!
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    Yes, thank you for your service and a very special thanks to a caring nurse who took it on herself to honor one of our Vets. God Bless.

  5. Veterans do get free flu shots, just go to the VA. I get one every year.
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    Flu shots

    That's where I get mine every year.
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    I've tried the VA many times for many different things. I always get a "NO!" They can kiss my ++++.
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    That nurse gets a Thank You from me and so do all you folks who are or have served in our armed forces!
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    Now you need to pay it forward.
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    You know, I think I did that already last week, or maybe the favor I did to this U.S. Air Force vet came back to me. I went to visit my 2 buddies at their shop, and one of the regulars was there with an eye patch on his left eye.I asked about it and was told he had something in it.My buddy said he had no family, and no driver license, and he should be seen by an eye doctor. I told him if he made the appointment, I would gladly take him. My buddy made the appointment, and I drove him the 15 miles to the doctor.There I filled out all the paperwork, and helped him get the bill paid.Anyway, it was nice to help out someone, without being asked to do it..
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    way to go, hustler. What's interesting about the random kindness is that we never know of the positive, lifting effect it may have on someone's day, and how they in turn treated someone else. While I don't always do it, I try to perform one small kindness every day, maybe like letting someone in line in front of me or letting someone out in traffic. The multiplied effect could be astounding--1 act per day for 365 days = 365 acts, multiplied by perhaps 5 others doing this, means 1825 kindnesses.
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    Afton NY
    Regardless of weither it was free or not, at least that respectfull person had the willingness to extend her offer to you even at her cost, if necessary. That is a true " thank you" for your service to America, and speaks well for all of us that may never get a chance to do so in person. God bless her, and thank you for your service! Thanks for posting this 22.
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    So true, my friend....