A rant from Texas that holds water, get involved...

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    This applies not only to Texas, but every State in the Union...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrATS4mthX4&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - I'm Taking Action - Michael Berry of KTRH.com / 950KPRC.com[/ame]
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    Good one Chester!

    Here is my political promise:

    It's about **** time that we build the USA up to what it should be! The NATIONAL GUARD guard the nation! They WILL protect the boarders! Illegal means ILLEGAL! That's the definition!

    Bring jobs BACK to the USA!

    If you think that living off welfare is a job... you better **** well be able to take on a job to do it. Sit at home and get welfare because you can't leave the house.... well... you've got a phone... bring the call centers back from India.

    I have thousands of ideas on how to make things work! And they ALL bring things (jobs and money) home.

    I will not apologize for being an American. As a matter of fact if you don't like it... there is a nice place called Guantanamo that has a bed for you.

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    My, my, my. That guy does get a little excited doesn't he? I'm going to send his address to a friend of mine who will send it out to a couple hundred of her closest friends. Thanks for posting this!
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    Well said, dragon!

    It is OUR job, as American citizens.
    To SPEAK up, and DEMAND our politicians.
    To LISTEN, to the will of the people!

    With that said.
    It is OUR job, to FIRE them.
    When they REFUSE to listen to the will of the people!

    Remember in November!

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Excellent post !
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    What an awesome broadcast!