A Rare Find, a Model 14-2 with a 4" Heavy Barrel

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    For Years S&W has Produced the Model 14 as we know it to be the K-38 Target Masterpiece. This revolver has been made since before World War II before they assigned it's model number in 1957 being the model 14. It was offered in Blue or Nickel finish with a 6" Barrel and Patridge style front sight blade. The Target Masterpieces came with what we call Three T's being Target Hammer, Target Trigger and Target grips. Back in 1965 a Large S&W stocking dealer known as "Dayton Outdoor Sport's" Placed a special order with S&W for a Heavy Barrel Built Model 14 with a 4" Barrel length. They wanted this special built revolver to have a 4" Heavy Barrel with Baughman quick draw front sight, and adjustable Micro click rear sights. It was offered in Blue or nickel finish with a 4" Only barrel length, square butt configuration, and Target Hammer or Trigger, along with Target grips could be added on as it came normally with a service style trigger & Hammer and Magna service style grips.

    I had heard of these revolver's before but had never seen one. The only other revolver's made by S&W and marked Model 14's with less than a 6" Barrel were the special built U.S.A.F. Shooting Team revolvers made for the United States Air Force shooting teams. S&W Made these Dayton Revolver's from 1965-1968 to fill the orders. Being that they were a special built offering, S&W used to Pull out the slightly larger designed frame Model 14-2's and they were assembled on the standard assembly line for that day, as back then there was no S&W Performance shop for these special order revolvers. When the Order for that day was completed they would Place the finished revolver's into shipping and continue with normal cataloged offerings on the assembly lines after that. By 1968 S&W had built all of these special order Dayton revolver's and the total of them was Just 2038 being mostly Blued as Nickel was considered rare to see.

    I was at a Local gun show a few years ago, and walking around with a N. I. B. Hong Kong Police Blued Model 10-8 Revolver that I had to trade or sell. I was outside Taking a break from the gun show Traffic, when I spotted a guy holding a newer style Lear-Sigler S&W Box in his hand. I asked him what he had to trade or sell, and he remarked an Old Nickel finished S&W .38. I asked to see it, and set mine down while I opened his box. I was both shocked and Stunned to see that this gun was one of the very Rare Dayton Outdoor Sport's special order revolver's with it's 4" Heavy barrel in even Rarer yet Factory Nickel finish. I knew it had to be right as the barrel was of Heavy Nature and to accept this style barrel, the guns main frame webbing would to have been made in a Larger size than the standard K-Frame size used back then. It showed to be fired very little, so I asked the guy where he got it? He shared with me that his Late father had special ordered the gun back in the Mid 1960's time span and had to wait almost six months for it to come in.

    I knew from what he said that it had to be one of the Rare Dayton Outdoor Sport's special built revolvers. I then asked him if he was looking to trade or sell the gun ? He said he did not like the nickel finish, but liked how it felt in his hand, and would be willing to trade for a Blued finish revolver in the same frame size should he find one. I then handed him the Hong Kong Police revolver I had with me, and asked if that one would work ? He opened the box and Marveled at how this gun had not been fired and asked if I wanted any Boot for it if we were to trade ? I had $250.00 in that revolver, so I told him if he was happy with what he saw, I was happy with a straight up trade between us. He agreed to trade, then told me he had the correct box at home for this Dayton revolver along with the paperwork, tools and a sales flier that his Father had kept tucked away all these years that he would get to me after or Trade.

    I left that day Very happy.... I did some research on this revolver and it was made during the very first shipment of a total of Three shipments between 1965-1968 Time span that they had made these and it shipped in March 1965. It came with the Optional Larger size Target grip's that it is shown with. I later got the Box, tools and Original sales flier shown below from him. S&W has never produced another model 14 with the 4" heavy barrel since they made these back in the late 1960's time span. They do make the model 15 which is called The Combat Masterpiece in a 4" Barrel configuration, but it has the slimmer profile Tapered 4" Barrel unlike this Heavy Barrel model......