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Unless you're a fan of ESPN's Great Outdoor Games, you probably have never heard the name J.R. Salzman. A former logrolling champion, Salzman is also a veteran of the Iraq war, and a hero to those who know him.

It was a little more than a year ago when Salzman was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He lost his right hand in the blast, and his left hand was severely injured as well. But those injuries haven't stopped J.R. Salzman from living. Far from it.

Just a few days ago, Salzman took to the woods with his father for a deer hunt. Shooting left-handed, the veteran bagged three deer. As he told ESPN Outdoors, "Not bad for a guy who has fired less than 20 rounds left-handed."

Salzman says he did a lot of shooting in the simulation shooting range while he was recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I'm proud to say the NRA's Disabled Shooting Sports Program has been working with Walter Reed, as well as the VA and several civilian medical centers, to use the shooting sports in physical therapy. And it's paying great dividends.

J.R. Salzman and his fellow veterans deserve our gratitude and support. As a proud partner of the armed services, the NRA has given away thousands of NRA memberships to active-duty military personnel. If you'd like to help us continue to give those gifts, just go to There you can make a donation to help this program continue, and say "Thanks" to the men and women who are willing to sacrifice all to keep our country free.

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