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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Earl Easter, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Earl Easter

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    I just received a e-mail from Jerry Nixon,this is Mike West's brother in law..He gave his sister away Sherron at AH's wedding... Mike's Wife..
    I'll just copy and paste the letter he wrote and provide the e-mail sign in card again as someone has done earlier...It seems that he would like to continue with some short memories that you may want to share even if you have left a brief message there. He is putting a book together is what I will call it so they may go into this to help ease their grief....
    To : Earl Easter
    My name is Jerry Nixon brother to Sherron West and Mike's brother inlaw. I am like all of yall we will miss Mike alot. I have really enjoyed reading all of the good things people have been writting about Mike it is really touching our hearts. I am the one who gave Sherron away at their wedding our Father had already passed away. Sherron is really having a hard time and Brian is trying to hold up like a rock for his mom. Tell all of his friends to keep writting, it will really help alot. I am printing all of the guest book memories for them.***Thank you again**** Jerry Nixon****El Dorado, Arkansas******************

    Young's Funeral Directors.
    Just click on the web site and you will find Mike West's Name on the left as a resent obituary...That will take you to the page. On the left under the big Buck
    picture click..... Sign The guestbook.....
    Lets give him a few more stories that Sherron and Brian may treasure....
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    I go back and make another post on the register a little later. Glad to hear our words are helping them. Thanks Earl...

  3. Earl Easter

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    Thanks chesterwin

    Our words are helping his wife and son along with many others that knew Mike.
    Maybe a story to lighten the load.........
  4. BarryHalls

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  5. thank you for the link.
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  7. Thank You very much the "Other" Earl!
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    Already signed it.

    I really think we need to have a formal tribute to AH on the gunandgame websites opening page.
  9. Earl Easter

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    Sounds like a good idea ta me .22guy.............
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  11. Dragunov

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    I signed it. Read the very bottom one by Tina. It absolutely brought me to tears.
  12. Earl Easter

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    I'll go back and look Dragunov.

    I was there this mornin and debi...CGO posted a real nice thing...Thats all they want, some nice stories even iffin you was there already it won't hurt to post again this is what they want for a small book for the Mrs. Mike and son.....
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    Afton NY
    I like this idea!
  14. Oxford

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    Ha...I signed the guestbook...but apparently misspelled my last name. It's really Craft...not Craf.
  15. Big Mike I miss you, I wander about looking for your words, it's alright as I know the good lord has you in his hands,
    may you always feel the love and compassion those
  16. Will do. I'd like to invite Jerry to be a part of the the G&G family anytime he wants to talk to us.
    He is now one of the Fellers.
  17. Paper

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    I still smile everytime I wander to the very bottom of these pages..

    "It don't cost nuthin' to be nice." -- Mike West

    I never met Mike, but he's changed my life.. I always try to remember the quote above.
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    I could not have said it better, Paper. Ditto and thank you.

  19. I haven't been on this website in a while so this comes as a pretty big shock. Mike and I were pretty good friends and I'm sure going to miss his posts and friendship a lot. He was a great man of faith and he will be missed by many. God blessed us with having you as a member of Gun and Game. You were a inspiration to many.
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    Arkansas Hunter

    Earl; Thanks for allowing me to share; in the wonderful life ''Arkansas Hunter'' brought to each of us. He brought compassion, energy, showing true love, showing how his beloved 'hamster' wasn't to small, for his time,
    in Gods name I continue with prayer.