A roaring fire, cool autumn night, coon hounds singing in the moonlight.

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  1. and a chilled bottle of rye!

    Four things I wish a herd of us here could get together and enjoy. I think we'd need more than one bottle of rye though LOL. What a treat it would be, yes I know it isn't gonna happen I don't own a hound anymore and my friend that had a pack that included three Grand Night Champions is long since gone. But Lordy I can remember the chill autumn nights, a huge campfire sitting around listening to the hounds sing and roasting of all things spam on a hotdog stick LOL and passing around a cold bottle of rye. Watching the moon wax round and bright as the hounds sang in the distance. We never shot many coons, just enough so's I could make pulled coon BBQ now and then. But what an absolute pleasure to sit beside the swamp, listen to the dogs, enjoy the fire and swap lies and tall tales and just enjoy the company of good friends. I guess except for the fire and hounds I have come to think of this place as the camp and the tall tales.
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    Come on up for a visit EZ.

    I don't have the Rye, or the coon hounds.

    But I do have.
    Some real strong coffee, firewood and 3 Saint Bernard's.

    Since it is starting to get nippy out. (28 deg. right now)
    We could sit around the fire, swap stories.
    Listen to the wolves, coyotes, in the distance.
    And listen to the Saint Bernards snore!

    Might want to do it pretty soon.
    As the leaves are falling, and snow will be on the ground soon!! LOL

  3. 9mmXDm

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    Sounds like what some of my buddies and I do minus the doggies.
  4. Tracer

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    you are on the money my friends. except here you wake up on the gravel, fire is out, and i feed ya for ya go to sleep till noon. then we go shootin in the desert.
  5. Cyrano

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    New York
    If you're looking for a good rye, Michter's (a distillery out of Philadelphia, of all places) makes a really good 24 year old. It's not cheap, but then good sippin' whiskey never is.
  6. White Rook

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    Sounds great. I wish we lived close enough to make that happen. I grew up setting around a fire on Friday and Saturday nights drinking Little Kings with my friends.
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    Good times indeed.
  8. Earl Easter

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    Now that sounds good Earl......a good belt of rye would go well even at this time of mornin....
  9. TACAV

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    hmm never had a chilled bottle of rye whiskey

    But Ill bring the bottle of MaCallan 12 year.
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