A sad pile of S($!

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  1. I feel sad when i see piles of history rusting away like this.I would give my first born or my left nut for this pile.I can see its mostly 30 calibre BMGs,but there is also a thompson sub machine gun,a boat/plane mounted lewis gun and few different rifles.Can you tell what the rifles are.

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    Irish, that is despicable. What a waste! Where was this pic. from?

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    I'll bet it from down under. I'm old enough to remember pictures like it with mdl 12 and 1100's being dumped in a furnace after they enacted their gun control laws. Vote smart in the next election or this could be happening HERE!!!
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    Imagine if they were not rusted all up, and you saw that sitting at the curb somewhere...nice grab.

  5. You dont know what you are talking about man.
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    So tell us irish...
  7. It is deffinately not in australia.NO ONE would leave a pile of machine guns lying around.Firstly its illegal,second i just want them.Even if the guts has been pulled out of them.

    The one thing dickie d said that is right.Be careful who you vote for.We have had two buy (steal) backs and it has done nothing to curb crime.As for we enacting our gun laws.It was the govt not us and dont you think we had a cry seeing all those guns going through a cut off saw??In the handgun stealback the amount of historic pistols crushed was bullshit.Even things like original XP100s were handed over to be crushed..

    I dont want to talk about the steal back any more,it makes me way to angry
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    this one makes me sad too.

    once i was emailed a picture from a govt scrap operation in Brazil where you could see a thick trail all the way into the foreground and they are all guns. A steamroller is coming along the trail crushing them.

    I cried.....
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    Seeing that makes ya wanna smack the **** out of an anti-gunner, it enrages me.
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    If I was to hazard a guess I'd say it was taken in New guinea or another of the 'islands' most of that stuff looks like WW2 scrap the has been pulled out of the jungle, my father went up the Kokoda track a few years ago and took many pics just like these.

    Dickie D.
    I don't know what a mdl 12 or 1100 is, but I'd be pretty sure that no-one in Australia has ever legaly owned any weapons like this. As far as being old enough, the major buy backs only happened in 1995-6, after the Port Arthur killings. I was 16 and had a ruger mini-14 my father had an SKK, all his brothers had SLR's or similar rifles, and the police used a hydraulic press too crunch up the actions.
    The most disapointing thing I saw during this time was the people who where misinformed and confused about the rules, I saw heirloom shotguns being 'bought' for less than the SKK's and suffering the same fate.
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  11. I think you are on the money mick,its where i would say the pic is from.The steal backs have done nothing to stop any crime.Its a crock of crap and will always be one of the howard govts biggest wastes of tax payers money.The news and media deserve a special mention to.F^&$&#%^#%$%^%&* parasites they are.Like maggots waiting to feed on their own mother.Media helped the antigun movement big time scaring crap out of people who had no idea why guns were so bad until the govt and media told them.Ill stop now before i get cranky.
  12. The San Antonio Police Dept on occasion crushes all the guns they've recovered but couldn't get back to the rightful owner. They've had big pictures on the front page of the local rag bragging about how theses guns will not get into the hands of Gang Members. Now what a Gang Member would want with a scoped deer rifle or overunder shotgun is beyond my understanding? Same ol' PC crap.
  13. Man just think if you could have that pile. Sad to see them all rusted and destroyed like that. A bunch of Ma Duces all rusted. The Lewis gun must be the one with the handle sticking up on the left?

    I see an M1 Carbine stock near the top with no metal in it. Just behind the top most M2 reciever.

    I can also see the Thompson Sub Machine gun reciever in the center laying across what looks like a Ma Duce Pintle (dont yell if I didnt spell it right) or tripod. The Tommy reciever is black and is amost dead center.

    There is a handguard laying on the ground on the right. I thought it was a Tommy Gun type but it appears too large.

    There is that mount laying partialy across the chicken wire and across the M2 Reciever on the chicken wire. It looks like it has a swivel on it. The large cannon looking thing on the far left looks like a Jeep Mount for a Ma Duce.

    Looks like mostly US but that Lewis gun would be British so someplace in the South Pacific near you guys in OZ would fit.
  14. Thats right CMC,the lewis is the one on the left sticking up handle first.Only if you have seen them before you will notice its not the average infantry model.The infantry model had a massive barrel cooling system and had a stock attatched to the rear.This one looks like it was used on a plane or was mounted on a ship/boat in tandem on a swivel.

    Also not totally sure but the lewis gun were mostly made in england,but some might have been made here in the lithgow factory.I will find out for my own info and yours too.
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    Yep, most of those guns get confiscated when there is a domestic disturbance call over a stupid fight with the wife or GF, or if you get pulled over for DUI with a weapon in the car. Usually it's not worth the hassle to try and get them back because the PC folks have made it so red-taped. Then of course comes the brag in the local rag just as you said.

    Gang bangers use stolen MAC-10's and itty bitty pistols.

    All I can say is chose the times you drink, your women (or men), and your politicians carefully or risk having your gun being one of those in a dump truck.
  16. I think you might be suprised at some of the stuff that gang banger's end up with. I was watching a documentary on the History Channel about gangs in Chicago. They had had basicly turned one of the high rise projects into a fortress and had scoped rifles for sniping at the cops and everything from those itty-bitty .25's to .44mags to AK's to AR's and scoped rifles. Pretty much anything that could be stolen from the law abiding gun owners.
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    Yeah I suppose you're right, I saw that episode too.
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    That Photo was taken in the Solomon Islands on the island of Guadalcanal during RAMSI. I remember walking past it many times. near it there was also a 20ft shipping container with a whole bunch of other stuff in it.
  19. Hi tagati WELCOME to GUN and GAME feller...A.H

    After seeing this dump truck full of guns I've decided they'll have to kill me to get mine.
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    Thanks for the welcome. Here are some of my photos of the same pile[​IMG]