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A sad, sad lesson learned...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Grumpus, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Grumpus

    Grumpus Shot at and missed, sh*t at and hit... Forum Contributor

    A couple of years ago, I had a good buddy who worked with me. Big, good-natured guy with a bunch of guns. He, his brother who works with us, and a couple of engineers we work with were all shooters. At the time, my wife and I were going through a rough patch. I frankly worried about her shooting me in my sleep, as she had threatened to do more than once.

    So, one day, I went in the closet, pulled out my 1891 Mosin-Nagant (a 1905 Sesty with all the ornate markings - given me by a friend who'd ordered three for $100 from Century) and ammo, and put it in my car. I went to work and handed it over to my buddy. I told him this was a loan. "Shoot it, do whatever you want with it, but it's still mine," I said. "You can do anything but sell it." He was overjoyed and promised me solemnly that he would take care of the gun as if it was his.

    Time went on, and I pretty well forgot about the gun. Then my friend had bariatric surgery to lose weight. The effects of the surgery aggravated some other conditions, and within months, his kidneys and some other organs started shutting down. A short time later, he died.

    About 18 months later, I was talking to his brother, and suddenly, the memory of my gun popped into my head. I asked him if his sister-in-law had started selling off his brother's guns. He told me yes, that he'd bought almost a thousand dollars worth himself. I reminded him of my gun, and he said he'd ask his sister-in-law about it.

    She denied any knowledge or memory of my gun. Then, my co-worker e-mailed me and told me he thought he'd located my gun. She'd sold it to her nephew. The gun fit my description - the tallest one in the cabinet, with 40 rounds of ammo. He gave me her e-mail address, and I e-mailed her about getting my gun back, telling her that it was only loaned to her husband. She didn't write me back nor phone me.

    About three weeks later, I e-mailed her again, saying I was being patient, but I wanted my gun back. I told her I'd be patient a little longer, but then I was going to take legal action. Still, no response.

    I have a neighbor who works for the municipal court. She arranged for me to talk to one of the judges after I got off work earlier this week. I went in and related to him what had happened, and we discussed possible actions. I didn't have a record of the serial number - dumb-assed me! - and I've been unable to track down the friend I'd obtained the gun from, because I knew he'd have the serial number in his bound book. Therefore, I didn't have enough to have a bench warrant issued. And, since there was no paper record of the conversation between me and my buddy, the old "Possession is nine-tenths of the law" argument would prevail.

    You don't know how sad and mad I am at myself.... I just e-mailed her yesterday. I told her I'd been to talk to a judge and I gave up. "...So, you've won. Just remember that you are a thief, and may God forgive you for that. You've taken a poor old man's only rifle and sold it as your own. I don't know when I'll get enough money together for another one, between my wife and my medical bills, house notes and what-not, so I hope the profit you gained from it was really, really worth it. You're the one who'll have to explain it to God..."

    The next gun I get (Lord, let it be soon!) will have its serial number recorded in the insurance book, along with photos. The paperwork will be filed in my house title/car title folder in the burn-proof box. And, ain't NOBODY going to get it loaned to them without a detailed piece of paper describing whom, when, how long and et cetera.

    So, when it comes to loaning your gun, your lawnmower, your drill, your saw - whatever! - don't trust to promises. People die, and then crap happens!

    So, diminish the Mosin roll call by one Model 1891 1905 Sesty - one that was accurate as heck! I shot a three-shot group with it at 100 yards that was coverable with a nickel when I first got it, and shot a few similar groups on the couple of occasions I fired it afterwards. :( I'm going to miss that old ceiling-knocker...

  2. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    Sorry to hear of it TWM !! Life's lessons can be cruel at times, people even more so !! A cautionary tale to those of you who've not recorded your serial numbers. I have the following form filled out on all my Mosins. It, coupled with a few pics, is all I need for insurance and the Police Man:
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  3. cm87

    cm87 G&G Newbie

    One of the very few situations where Canada's registry system would actually do some good. Sorry to hear about your loss(friend and gun), those sestys are beautiful guns and your friend sounds like a good guy.
  4. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    I have the serial numbers of all my guns in two separate places, and in my computer.
  5. Vintovka

    Vintovka G&G Newbie

    i'm very sorry to hear that man, do you think maybe you'd be able to buy the one back from her nephew? have you talked to him at all? he might be more reasonable and/or less immoral than she
  6. Grumpus

    Grumpus Shot at and missed, sh*t at and hit... Forum Contributor

    Yeah, I wish! He's out of state and unavailable. According to his father...
  7. Tulamosin

    Tulamosin G&G Newbie

    I'm sorry to hear about the theft and I wish you the best of luck in recovering it (if possible) or in finding a replacement.

    I'm off to record and photograph all of my firearms now.
  8. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    Do you have the transfer papers TWM? or was it not transferred?
  9. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    cuz that sounds like an EXTREMELY too good of a gun to just 'let go'. too bad, i feel for ya, but i'm hard-headed, i wouldn't give up so easily....i'd be.....sneaky ;) if u know what i mean....

  10. Grumpus

    Grumpus Shot at and missed, sh*t at and hit... Forum Contributor

    It was a "I'm moving, but before I go, here's one of the 1891s I got on that first order from Century" no-papers transaction. Just a hand-over in the living room...
  11. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    yeah, that's what mine was, except a different scenario....
  12. lunchbox99

    lunchbox99 G&G Evangelist

    thats too bad I know how you feel
  13. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    fortunately, i DON'T know how he feels exactly...but the almost exact occurrence happened when i loaned a buddy my first-year '79 280ZX, he needed a way to work and was gonna use it till he could buy him a car....well, 2weeks later, the car was sitting at a used car lot and they wouldn't sell it for any less than $5000....i didn't love it THAT much to get back....come to find out, his wife had had it put in her name cuz the insurance was cheaper and she had gone and used it as a trade-in on a '94 dodge intrepid with 214k 280 tho WAS an interesting car, it had been taken extremely good care had the 6th clutch in it, and had never had an overhaul of engine or trans....and it had 585,650miles on it when i loaned it away.

    Well, the car lot must've sold it to someone, cuz I heard from another friend that they had seen the car on the side of a backroad burned to the ground....the only way they could tell the car was mine was because the custom lokar shifter T-handle :sigh:
  14. Grumpus

    Grumpus Shot at and missed, sh*t at and hit... Forum Contributor

    Ouch! Mike, I feel better now, because all I lost was a good gun. $5K would really hurt! As well as losing a good ride...

    And, although I understand your urge to be more 'sneaky,' I just ain't built that way. I guess I am just too up-front. The family members now know about her (I cc'ed her brother-in-law here), and they won't trust her as much anymore. And that will hurt her in the long run. And then, she's gonna have to try to explain this all again in the end...

    I know my friend had a big government policy, and she works at the hospice here, so she shouldn't have been hurting too badly for money. Some people...
  15. Mike82

    Mike82 G&G Newbie

    what i meant by sneaky was....if you could, find out where the buyer lives, and find a way to see the numbers on ur gun(if u know what i mean), then write them and down and go tell the judge u found a piece of paper where u had written them....but don't go befriend him then write em down and say that, or his devfense will be "he was in my house, and i showed him the gun", now ur prosecution is washed up.... :09:
  16. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist

    everytime i buy a new gun i take detailed photos of the gun,serial #'s,and any other details i can find.
    i strongly suggest you guys do the same.
  17. Dookiebutt

    Dookiebutt G&G Enthusiast

    My buddy got my duck boat like that. He called me out of the blue last week. Kinda funny.
  18. Grumpus

    Grumpus Shot at and missed, sh*t at and hit... Forum Contributor

    Ya know what REALLY makes me grumpy?

    Cinco Grande (Big 5) just advertised 91/30's for $69.95 this week only as part of their anniversary celebration - and this coming Friday's paycheck has our last payment for air conditioning repairs tying it up! Especially since I stopped at Big 5 Saturday and they had a 1938 hex Ishy with laminated stock on display! Pretty as a picture, no cosmoline visible, really cleaned up and refinished, with only a small Century billboard on the side of the receiver....

    It's a bitch when you can't squeeze $70 plus tax out of the rocks to get a gun at a price like that! That's when you know you're po' - or pore - or however you want to spell it. After the reverses and other stuff I've been through the past few years, I couldn't even afford this farm implement AK:

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  19. TinCan Assasin

    TinCan Assasin G&G Enthusiast

    Oh that AK is AWESOME! I need that one for my wall, just for a conversation "piece". lol

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