A Sheriff's helicopter and dozens of deputies searched

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    A Helicopter to look for snakes? Would hate to see what they would do to find a gun owner..

    Pythons Escape Near Local School
    (05/01/02) -- Four missing snakes prompt a huge search in a local community. The four Burmese pythons disappeared from a local home. A Sheriff's helicopter and dozens of deputies searched the area near Treadway Elementary in Lake County.

    The four pythons, measuring as long as 20 feet, disappeared from an apartment just a block away from the school. No one lives in the apartments right now. A woman would come by three times a week to feed the pythons. When she arrived yesterday, the door had been kicked in. Two snakes were on the loose inside. Four more were missing. They could have been stolen. But no one is sure. The largest python is twenty feet long and 190 pounds.

    The Sheriff’s Office put up their chopper to search a nearby lakebed. They've also been searching the crawl spaces underneath the apartment building.

    A deputy believes he saw what looked like a track of a snake slithering. Animal control officer say, until we know what happened to the snakes, everyone should be careful. At that size, the snakes, can do a lot of damage, even to an adult.

    Deputies also went door to door warning people that the snakes could be out there and to stay away if they spot one. The principal at Treadway Elementary School says they did a full search of the campus and didn't find anything. They also have a deputy and some volunteers on campus in case something does turn up. But right now it is business as usual over there.
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    Not ALL Bad

    There goes the stray cat problem!

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    If I saw them around my place I bet there could be enough skin for a couple pairs of boots
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    What kind of a nutcase would keep 6 20 foot long pythons in an apartment? Sounds like a Gore voter for sure.
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    You da man, Klaus! And you're probably right!