A sign o' the times.

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Rave, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Rave

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    I don't know how it is where you guys are,but the voters of Florida are going to have to choose from the most corrupt group of lieing thieves ever assembled as candidates for an election for the last fortyfive years that I have been voteing.
    It is truely pathetic how low we have sunk in our expectations and the caliber of our leaders.
    Surely we can't expect to last much longer at this rate of declineing values and morals.
    I guess it is just another sign o' the times.:sad:
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  2. Well,

    in Texas we have something even worse than Bush2 = current governor Rick Perry versus Bill White = made Houston a sanctuary city and looks up to Nancy Pelosi.

    I will vote straight Libertarian.

  3. Ten Man

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    The whole current political system has become so corrupt that an honest man can not get elected any more. Even if he could, he would not be able to get anything done, because the rest of the politicians would be against him.
  4. PAPA G

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    here, the TV ads have been nothing but candidate bashing the other guy. it truly sucks, no civility what ever, no real campaigning just phony same old crap.
  5. waterdog

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    Yea it's a crapbuger and we all got to take a bite. wish they would discuss the issues, more than bashing each other maybe we could see all their lies.
  6. petrol

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    Same in cali, carreer and heriditary politico vs self funded millionaire MEGalomaniac. The think is if any of them addressed the real issues we'd see they couldn't vcare less. They just want the power and priveledge.
  7. Ten Man

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    There is only ONE SURE FIRE WAY to tell if a politician is lying...............

    See if their lips are moving! Pa doom tish!
  8. grizcty

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    This country needs "Statesmen", not lying poLIEticians
  9. Rave

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    Unfortunitly it's a case of poop in one hand and wish in the other and see which gets full first.
  10. SKS NOOB

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    That would depend on who was feeding the poop into the hand. We get enough from congress already to fill a "dump" truck. :zx11pissed:
  11. chesterwin

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  12. Write-in Elmer Fudd. He can't be any worse then the candidates that we have, and at least we know he is pro-gun.