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    I received a PM from a new Glock/gun owner, with a lot of great questions about owning a new Glock 19. I decided to post my answers in this thread, in hopes of helping answer questions that new Glock 19 owners may have.

    Do not fret if you own a different model of Glock. Most of the information is applicable to ALL new Glocks and the data that is G19 specific is self-evident.

    If you have questions about particular Glock Models other than G19, this is the place to ask them.

    Here is the Ten Man's "newbie Glock owner's guide" based on a Q&A format.

    "I've read numerous posts where you give some great info about Glocks & as a new gun/glock owner, is there a thread you posted somewhere on a newbie's guide to the Glock?"

    I'm flattered. I do not have a "newbie's guide to the Glock" thread that I am aware of, but it seems I am now in the process of creating one. LOL

    "I really want to get the most out of it & then around Christmas do a couple mods like lighten the trigger spring, extend the slide catch & mag release, jentra plug, some night sights etc. Also, I love 2 tones & 1 day I'll get the slide & a few parts done in something nice to accent it but as of right now it's all about function. I haven't researched that at all yet & definitely CAN'T be without my only gun for a few weeks-months waiting for something cosmetic."

    The BEST way to get the MOST out of your new Glock 19 is to SHOOT it, a LOT! LOL BTW, the G19 is the most popular model sold by Glock, all over the world. Check out They have just about every Glock accessory you can think of.

    Do you plan to ever carry the G19 for CCW? If so, I would recommend leaving it stock, as it came from the factory. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the extended releases on the Magazine and slide catch can get hung up on clothing as you try to draw the gun. Also, the extended Mag release tends to release the magazine while it is in the concealed carry position. NOT a good thing. Reduced trigger pull weight is accomplished by means of a lighter spring on the striker. This causes the firing pin to hit the primer with less force. That can cause a failure to fire. NOT a good thing. (There is also a 3.5# connector that can be substituted for the standard 5# connector.) There is also the "attorney factor: a modified CCW gun may cause you liability issues in court. Night sights are excellent. I have them on half the Glocks we own. I also have Glock Tactical Lights on a half dozen of them, especially the "night stand" home defense guns for the wife and myself.

    If this is your ONLY hand gun, I strongly urge you to save your money, and purchase a Glock 17 in addition to your G19, rather than spending the money on mods for the G19. You can do all the mods on the G17, and use it at the Range, as well as for home protection. You would still have your G19, in stock condition, for CCW. AND, you would not be without a personal defense gun while doing mods to a gun. The G17 is a bit longer slide and barrel, and a bit longer grip. This gives you a better sight radius for aiming, and a better grip for steady target shooting, as well as 2 more rounds. The Generation Three Models have Tactical Light Rails molded in, and can easily carry the Glock Tactical Light. With Night Sights, it makes an AWESOME home defense hand gun. The extended Magazine Release is very handy on a Range/Target pistol, and does not cause a problem when the gun is laying down in position for Home Defense readiness.

    "I plan on shooting at least a box of ammo a week for a couple months before i change anything, seems like I've read you giving & other guys that advise to people, & being as I love to shoot, won't have any problem putting several hundred rounds through it in the near future.
    Speaking of which, should I just get some cheap walmart ammo or maybe look around on GT or other forums to see what other guys are getting good deals on?"

    Excellent! Shoot that thing!! Just buy the Winchester White Box 100 round ammo packs at Wal-Mart for breaking in the gun. Save your brass as you shoot the ammo. You will be able to reload it in the future, and save yourself a LOT of money, OR get to shoot a LOT more than constantly buying factory ammo all the time.

    Once you have put a couple hundred rounds through the gun, then you know how it feels to shoot it. You may decide you like it the way it is! Start buying various boxes of different defense ammo, and try them out in the gun. Every gun likes a different ammo. The point of impact will be different for every different brand of ammo. That is due to different
    bullet/powder/primer combinations that affect velocity and stability of the projectile in flight.

    Heavier bullets hit HIGHER than lighter bullets, because they are SLOWER and thus allow the muzzle to rise more before exiting the barrel.

    Only use "bargain ammo" for PRACTICE! Do NOT bet your life on cheap ammo.

    "Lastly, cleaning. The torture tests are legendary but I'm more of a shoot-it-clean-it military man so are there any products or techniques that are tried & true for you? I saw you suggest to clean the gun before using it, which I did the day I brought it home. What about the mags? Any thing I might wanna know or check out? You don't know where I can get decent priced hi-cap do you? I've seen 32 rounders on GB that weren't too much."

    Cleaning after EVERY shooting outing is Standard Operating Procedure for me, as well. I find that the Hoppes #9, with patches, and bronze brush run through the breach end of the barrel works great, especially if you scrub it real well with solvent, then let it soak for 3 hours or as long as overnight. It removes all the copper fouling very well.

    NOTE!!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shoot unjacketed lead bullets through a Glock factory barrel. The Glock Owner's Manual is VERY explicit about this. The lead will build up on the polygonal rifling, and cause constriction of the bullet being fired through it. Eventually, this leads to a KABOOM!

    The Magazines stay very clean, unless you drop them in the dirt. The only cleaning I ever do to them is to wipe the lips and follower off with a lightly soaked solvent patch, then wipe them dry with a clean cotton rag.

    You may be interested in purchasing the Glock Factory 33 round magazines, or the Glock Factory G17 Magazines. They all fit the G19, G17, and G26 (Baby Glock). They are all the same size, just different length and cartridge capacity. You can order them direct from for about $20 - $25, depending on if they have a sale. This is a great price for brand new Glock Factroy Magazines that are "drop free" (full metal lined).

    It is best to always buy NEW Factory parts and accessories for your Glocks.

    Now, with that said, there are a LOT of used Glocks available on the market. IF you know what to look for in a Glock, and how to do a complete teardown/ reassemble, you can save a hundred to two hundred dollars on the purchase of a Glock. I have bought several of them from a local Pawn Shop Dealer I know and trust. I have gotten good deals, and very serviceable Glocks that way. Just a thought.

    I suggest you order a copy of The Complete Glock Reference Guide. It is VERY helpful, and has great pictures with step-by-step instructions on how to do everything to your Glock for maintenance and replacement of parts. It is published by ptooma productions, and can be ordered from It is worth EVERY penny! You also will want to get yourself the little Glock Armorer's Tool. It is a special Pin Punch that will allow you to totally dismantle your Glock with just the one tool. It can also be ordered from or

    Well, that was my quick and dirty "newbie Glock owner's guide."


    I am NOT a certified Glock Armorer, just an avid Glock user. This information is offered as a starting point for new Glock Owners. The Glock Manual is the final authority on ALL useage issues. The Manual states that shooting reloaded ammunition is not recommended, and may void the warranty. The Manual warns to NOT shoot lead bullets from your Glock.


    If you have more questions, or suggestions, or useful info for New Glock Owners, please feel free to Post a Reply.:wavey:
  2. Ten Man, that's awesome! Very good info anyone new to Glock should read!

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    Thanks so much! It was great to check in at G&G for the 1st time in a while & get this gift of knowledge! My G19 will be my CCW so I'm glad I asked about all those things which, come to find out, may hinder my ability to use it when SHTF & the last thing I want is to simultaneously catch it on my shirt while dropping the mag & then hear click but not BANG with the remaining round I've got of unjacketed lead lol.
    I'm a big book reader & will certainly pick up the reference guide as well as the tool, ammo & everything else suggested. Couldn't have dreamed of a better response & for that I honestly owe you. If you're ever in the Raleigh area, you know who's got your ammo for a day at the range, :bigok: THIS GUY! Ok, it's 0230 so gotta go to bed but I wish I had the energy to go over some more of it but that'll have to wait for another day.
    You're awesome & Tango Mike (thanks much) brother!
  4. Oh I forgot (very tired) should post this on other forums if you think it's appropriate & there isn't already 1, not to be redundant but to be complimentary of course. I'm on at least 12 or so & really popular ones like thehighroad & glocktalk most likely already have something like it although I always love hearing different point of views & that's why I believe so strongly in the value of online forums.
    Taurusarmed has one that I found very good & that site overall has a plethora of stickys & FAQs. I'm on taurusarmed because at 1 time I was considering the 24/7 OSS 45 before I was informed about the serious issues many have & it got stricken from my list (my search for a high cap, 2 tone, reliable, light weight, affordable polymer 45 continues & as of right now I'm thinking about the G21SF, XDM45 & FNP USG45). Alright, I'm really gone this time!
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    The only issue I have with anything on there is telling him to leave the 19 alone totally...
    We all know how crappy Glock plastic sights are...first thing most folks do is replace the plastic with something that'll LAST.

    Usually it's the ONLY thing that needs to be done, other than buy more mags ;)
  6. You can opt for night sights factory installed. I've carried mine every day for three years and haven't had any problem or seen any problem arising from my night sights on my Glock 22.
  7. Not sure if you guys didn't read the part in the thread where he talks about sights or if we just interpreted it differently, but he did say "Night sights are excellent. I have them on half the Glocks we own."
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  8. As for upgrades or modifications, most buy the extended slide release as well as the trigger connector. And most also replace the plactic sights. There are many replacements to choose from.

    Another cheap thing to get is the grip plug. Same for a Glock Armorers tool. This thing >>>


    Another item to get might be the Clip-Draw or obviously a holster. The model 19 is very popular and many companies make something for it.

    Another thing you might suggest them to get is a new stainless steel or similar guide rod. Get rid of the plastic one of those as well. Though I never had an issue with mine. Merely changed it to make it better/upgrade it.

    This is just one place to shop for these items. Though I'd also point out one of the more higher priced places also. Shop around. But the place I speak of is my namesake though there is no connection what-so-ever. lol - Glock Pistols, Glock Custom Parts, Glock Parts, Glock Sights, Glock Accessories, Glock Handguns - Glockmeister

    Another place is - Glock Parts & Accessories, Glock Magazines & Apparel

    If they want to replace/upgrade the barrel, Storm Lake as well as Lone Wolf make most excellent drop in barrels for Glocks. There is a few others though they tend to need gunsmithing to install.

    I'd also point out that I TOO AM NOT A CERTIFIED GLOCK ARMORER OR GUNSMITH. The things I've mentioned I mention because I got them for my G35 and have had no issues what-so-ever. The only issue is it shoots that much better and is even more accurate then it was out of the box!!!
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    Good catch there DR.

    Maybe big shrek should have gotten some sleep, too. LOL

    For those who wish to get Night Sights for their Glocks that they already own, you will need to purchase the Rear Sight pushing tool. It is VERY easy to use, and will do an excellent job of switching out the plastic rear sight with the new tritium night sight.

    You could use a brass punch and hammer to remove and install the rear sight, but I found, through experience, that using the rear sight tool was much easier, and worth the investment. If you have friends that own Glocks, maybe you can all split the cost and use the same tool for all your Glocks. The tool will also work on other brands of semi-auto pistol slides that have straight sidewalls and dovetail rear sights.

    For those who have not yet purchased their Glock of choice, YES, they can be ordered with already installed Glock Night Sights, from the factory. It usually costs about $75 more than the standard Fixed sights, when you order the gun.:147:

    PS In my OP of this Thread, I recommended not modifying the Glock if it was going to be used for CCW purposes. In no way, shape or form should this be misconstrued to mean that I do not agree with modifying a Glock to suit your individual needs and desires, AS LONG AS IT IS SAFE. There are MANY great after-market products to choose from, and making the GLOCK perfect for YOU is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

    In my opinion, as an experienced CCW instructor, you are better off leaving ANY gun in factory condition if you intend to use it for your EDC gun (Every Day Carry).

    If you want to modify a GLOCK for Home Defense, Competiton, Range Practice, Plinking, or any OTHER use than CCW, By All Means, have at it! It is a great gun to start with, and making it "custom" for you is an even bigger bonus.
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    good thread. +100 on leaving it in stock configuration with exception of sights.
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    what's a glock?
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    I personally would go ahead and add the extended slide release regardless of what it's used for. They're rounded off and do NOT catch on anything. Oh, and I would suggest something thinner to start with for concealment. Glocks are bulky for that role.
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    Q about G36

    hey guys i use a glock 36 which is a .45 acp compact, i love the gun its very well balanced, but the 6 shot clip is jus a lil shy id rather have an 8 rd, i was just curious if anyone knows where an clip extension or new highercap clip and did they function as well as the stock clips

    thanks in advance
  14. Its all in the holster! A good Crossbreed will hold that sucker so tight that shorts and a t shirt can hide a Glock. That's what I carry my G27 in.
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    you glock guys are no fun
  16. idk but i know jerry means german
  17. I put my G19 right in my waistband & it was fine. While it's no derringer, its no D.E. either. Seems to me the what 1 person considers a good carry piece doesn't work for the next guy, due to any of several different factors. I might say that a COP 357 is the perfect carry piece because it's small & slim while you might say that only holding 4 shots is foolish & makes it a bad carry gun. See what I mean?
  18. Good intel. I'm gonna check em out!
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    Remember that little plastic thing you holded in my living room, that I told you that was my baby, that's a fully modified Glock!!!!