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  1. Howdy,

    It occured to me as I did the NICS background check to pick up my new .22 that we are on a very thin line.

    As I read all the stuff that prohibits you from having a gun, I was amazed.

    All someone needs to do is falsely accuse you of one of those items and your guns are all in jeopardy.

    Or more to the point, what if you saved your own life, or your family's lives with the use of a gun, in a situation where you technically should not have a gun. You know, carrying w/o a permit, carrying in an area where most permits say no, in a parking lot as you happened to have gun and shells legally in vehicle on way to/from range....you get the picture?

    In this scenario if you have a gung ho anti gun DA, well you're fff... uh screwed arent you?

    As I watch all the crap the left is putting on the tv news shows to try to gain the house and not lose the senate, it really concerns me what a fine line we do walk. I even saw the Dem from Missouri (The one who was elected by default as her husband who won the election died...can't remember her name) shooting skeet for the cameras. She was pretty good too. But my point is many notorious gun grabbin libs are lying their lyposuctioned a#ses off!! And the real great satan Mrs Hill Bulldog Clintler is in an all out gun grab, she said so herself last week.

    Guys and gals, Vote on their record if you do feel you have to vote dem!!! A leopard NEVER changes it's spots!
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    This year my votes will go to pro-gun people only,whatever else I may not like about them.


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    The 2nd Amendment is the single most important thing to me at election time. We can deal with the rest later!
  4. So whatcha gonna do for your 2000.

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    Probably nothing, seems kind of anti-climatic doing it from a work computer and being off the boards for almost a week. Lost all my avitars I saved up in my computer so now I gotta go searching again. Lost all data in the old computer and start all over again. I'll try to keep the porn out of the new one! :eek: :D
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    Okay we'll babble back and forth like when you reached 1,000!
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    Actually I was gonna bring Curly back for awhile with 2,000 post stooge but that got shot in the arse! :mad:
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    Well this be it then.....YAHOOIE! First 2,000 poster!:) :D :cool: :eek: :nod: :( ;) :rolleyes: :confused: :assult:
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    I don't hear any bells or whistles going off! Wasn't I supposed to get money or something for this? Chris probably took all the money and is hiding out in the Bahamas or something!:confused: ;)
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    Stupid work computer won't let me get all the smilies, can't get my favorite guitar dude!
  14. NRA I didn't forget your guitar dude.
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    Thank you alan! rock on bro!
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    How to reach 2,000 posts fast!

    Congratulations NRAJoe!!!!!

    You've posted about 1,925 more times than 90% of the other guys on this forum.

    Here's some psychological reasons for being such a big poster....(Don't take these seriously. I'm just having a little fun thinking out loud.)

    1. Has a lot to say.
    2. Takes a lot of attempts to say something.
    3. Reads a lot and has strong opinions on lots of subjects.
    4. Has lots of time available at work.
    5. Doesn't have a wife complaining about being on the computer for long stretches at a time.
    6. Uses very short sentences.
    7. Doesn't worry about crossing all the T's and dotting all the i's.
    8. Has lots of experiences to relate to others.
    9. Has lots of guns
    10. Knows a lot about guns
    11. Knows a lot about lots of subjects.
    12. Knows how to get credit for a post with a one word comment.
    13. Is competitive enough to work at staying ahead of the next guy's count under you.
    14. None of the above.
    15. All of the above.
    :D :nod:
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    Ha! All right except for numbers 5 & 11 ! :D
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    Oh yeah, guess thats true on the weekends huh?
  19. No I meant you-- I don't have access to the net at work.