A Wiff of Cosmoline

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by 9mmXDm, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Sitting here at work going through the Mosin Nagant forum I clicked upon this thread, https://www.gunandgame.com/forums/mosin-nagant/108746-300-mosin.html
    I clicked the link within and I started to scroll through the pictures in the auction.

    I got to like the 3rd or 4th picture & had a slight wiff of Cosmoline float into my nose. It was very very odd.

    Now my place of work just had new carpeting put in over the weekend and the new carpet smell is strong, so maybe it is mind altering and making me think I smell Cosmoline.

    But in any event it was a very odd sense and feeling nonetheless.
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    Don't feel bad. Every time I go to some of these sites, I get a vague whiff of Hoppe's No. 9. And, no, this is in an office area where we don't store any weapons. It may be just a mental aberration - obviously, we must be unhinged to love guns in the present political climate!

    However, I do know that for a while, every time one of my migraines was coming on, I would get a strong, sharp smell of vanilla in my nose. The doctor says one of the blood vessels in my brain might have pressed against the cells that store the definition of that scent, causing me to think I smelled it...

    Of course, maybe visiting the forums of Mosin-Nagant so much has called up the spirit of Evgeny Ivanovich, the poor schlub who had to cosmoline each of the Mosins when they came off the production line and stuff them into crates... What you're smelling is his manifestation...

    ADDED: Just thinking -- would that make visiting the Mosin forum a spirit-ual thing?
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  3. I used to get on this forum and smell the Knotty Pine paneling. The faint oder of cigars from long past. A breath of brandy from a long ago snifter.

    Now I get on here and all I get is an iron taste.

    Maybe its the water.
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    New York
    My wife's uncle recently had a cold/case of the flu - he thinks the latter - which he knew he was getting over when he no longer got a whiff of molasses when he inhaled deeply. Very curious.
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    Cosmoline, vanilla, cigars and brandy ?? At least you guys get good smells. Every time I log on all I get is a strong whiff of Tex's old socks !!
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    OMG, his socks are worse than when he eats Tex-Mex and passes the gas!