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  1. Democrats and Osama Bin Laden hated George Bush and the Republic of the United States. Others who had there feelings in common are basically all muslim terrorist organizations, all racist, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, I don't just blame all those who voted for Obama, but all those who voted for the Clinton's and carter, they all allowed our country to become a place where its hard to do business because of such a tax burden and government red tape and immorality is the rule of the land.
  2. ROFLMAO! You are hilarious paynetrain, simply Hilarious!

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    Ah Yes and the Republicans have done such a wonderfull job the eight years prior to Obama.
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    Don't forget about all the Republicans who love to scream small government and individual freedoms but then legislate morality and kill personal liberties. 99.9% of politicians are scum.
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    That's pretty cool. All demorats are terrorists. In an effert to be bipartizan I will suggest all politicians are traitors, self serving and hipocrits. We all really need to stop demonizing the other side. And stop using comminist / socialist to describe anything you don't like. It doesn't make sense linguistically.
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    As many politicians have demonstrated, political party affiliation means very little. Can't get elected as a Republican? Become a Democrat and vice versa. If nothing else, become an Independant like Crist in Florida. The Democrats became the National Socialist Party in the days prior to WW 1; the Republicans, well, they've been whatever they thought could get them in office. Both are mirror images, not opposites. They both believe in a federal government in total control and are quite willing to do anything it takes to make it happen. Neither group has a clue what "Mainstream America" is actually like and never will as long as they live and work as an elite part of our society.
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    and when the 1st Tuesday of November rolls around every 2 years. we get a chance to vote the bums out. unfortunatly the the choice is the lessor of 2 evils.

    any chance of electing a righeous candidate, one that gets it, is nill. partisian politics sucks and the candidates smell.
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    Bottom line.

    I could care less about skin color, male or female, or party name.

    What I want is:
    Honesty, Integrity, Morals, Family Values, and a person who loves America.
    And 100 %, believes in our founding fathers, & the Constitution they wrote.
  9. Ahh yes , thanks for paying attention, indeed the Democrat party has become the communist socialist , and now terrorist party. Now the Republicans are not much better however the word communist does not come to mind, I would use weak ahh progressive light as a description of the Republicans. We very much need a Pro American to SERVE us, notice I did not say RULE us as Democrats seem to have that small part of what a president job is , confused.
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    Wow this is one of the best posts yet. Everyone is right on point with what needs to happen in Novermber. Now if we can just spread this type of common sense to everyone else here in America we might have a fighting chance to rebuild this country.

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    im a youngster (22) so my say doesnt count for much considering i havent been around that long, or seen as much as some of the other folks on this forums, however my views lean more towards the right but i do have some left views too (very few) but i think both dems and reps are wrong, i think there needs to be a seperate 3rd party that takes the good ideas from both without prejudice and disregards the stupid PC crap of the left and the stupid religous stuff on the right (i am releigious but i think that it should be completely seperate from governemtn and i know our constitution says so it really isnt, thre are laws based on christian belief

    So i am all for starting a new third party called demoreps! and we can start filling seats within the government with people that are actually out for the people and not for the career
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    Actually there is a party and Im part of it its called Libertarian. Check it our it might be for you it might not But it has lots of popularity with youth such as myself(im 25)Libertarian Party on the Issues I dont agree with every single thing but probably about 95% of it. And your say counts just as much as anyone else's after all it will be our generation having to clean up this mess LOL.
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    ah sober yes we do - and were both from WA lol

    lets start cleanin this **** mess up lol
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    Quite the contrary, your opinions matter just as much as anyone's. You might lack experience, but it's your generation that has suffered the most damage in the editting of this nation's history and the founder's principles. Folks my age remember when the school day started with a Pledge to the Flag and a short prayer before lunch was perfectly acceptable even to those who didn't participate. You've grown up surrounded by political correctness instead of honesty in a country where rule by the minority (liberals) is the norm and individual rights (except those of the criminals) have been reduced to almost nothing.
    We need the youth to not only understand that they have been robbed but just how much has been taken from them. We need them to be willing to not only join the fight to restore this country but to continue the fight to insure this government remains by the people and for the people. The greatest weapon the opposition has had in the past was the apathy of the American people.
    In the words of Thomas Jefferson "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
    We forgot that and are paying the price for that apathy.
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  15. Your opinion is more important than you know, a person of your age to even care about whats going on is real important to the future of your country, I have two son's, 15 and 12 and they love there country and its the young people like you and them that will make this country whatever it will be in the future. Don't let the media lie to you , use your common sense and check facts as well as you can,,sounds like you already do.
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    Don't hold your breath,for what it's wort,I don't forsee that any where in the near future,gonna be more of the same,big business or big gummint,or both.:dead:
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    Both parties,teakled and found wanting.:yuck:
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    obesrvation...it seems that as the DP progressises further to the left the RP moves further to the left picking up where the DP left off. thats not good folks.

    middle of the road politicians, the fence sitters, the modrates. they basically have no agenda, no commitment, go along to get along. they have no fire to fight for anything just do what seems popular to their leadership.

    3rd party sounds great, however they get no recognition by media. this can only be corrected when 3rd party's start working from the bottom instead of going tfor the top. 3rd party needs to start working on getting elected to state and local races. build a voter base, when these are accomplished 3rd party will be recognized by media and the D/RP's will crumble.