A Word To The Wise — Geoffrey B. Higginbotham Major General, USMC (Ret.)

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    A Word To The Wise

    “If you are paid $25.00 an hour to show up to a rally to “counter” the other party using physical force and violence, you are not a “counter protestor.” You are a mercenary.

    There is no need for further debate on this. You were paid to attack someone you don’t know for reasons that you couldn’t care enough about to go there for free. You did your “job” and collected your check and your reimbursement of expenses. You’re a mercenary.

    Not a Patriot. Not a Social Justice Warrior. Not a Defender of Freedom or Liberty. Not an upholder of Truth or Justice. None of those things you claim to be. You are a mercenary.

    And mercenaries are not lawful combatants and deserve whatever comes their way at the hands of the people they are attacking.

    You have no 1st Amendment rights when you’re a mercenary.

    Doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Doesn’t matter what cause you’re showing up to disrupt. If you can’t express yourself peacefully through diplomatic means, then you better be prepared to meet your maker at the hands of someone who is only barely keeping their own violent tendencies at bay through a massive exercise of self-control.

    I know it sounds romantic to attend these rallies and get crap started with the other side. And when you’re young and passionate, it’s really easy to get whipped up into a frenzy of raw emotions. There is a reason why young people are preferred when it comes to warfare. They are easy to manipulate and control and set off.

    But I’m telling you all this right now. You’ve got no idea what road you are starting down. Romance and idealism wears off really fast when you’re laying in a pool of your own blood trying to stuff your intestines back into your torn abdomen.

    I’ve been lucky enough to go forty-two years without having to put the skills I learned in the Marines to use. I continue to train and keep those skills up to date because I see the madness that is happening all across this country. I don’t train to attack others like you do. I train to defend others FROM you. I’m not alone either.

    There are thousands of men and women in this country who have seen war and death and don’t want any more to do with it. They want to live in peace. They want to forget the things they’ve had to do in the service of their country. They want to raise their kids and have family BBQs and build tree houses and soap box derby cars and have tea parties.

    They don’t want this crap that you’re selling.

    You have the extremist left and the extremist right that are doing their best to get something started. To force us into a Civil War. Even in the 1860’s, the violence between the North and South was nowhere near what we see today. Nowhere. Even. Close.

    And yet we still had a war of ideology that consumed hundreds of thousands of lives.

    All you young and naive kids on both sides of this equation who think that having a Civil War will advance your agenda or restore your vision of what you think is America, just remember this… Those of us older generations aren’t having any of this crap. And if you jump off, you better be prepared to deal with US. We don’t care what color you’re wearing or what sign you’re holding if you come after us, our friends, our family, our co-workers, our neighbors, etc., WE will kill you.

    So remember that when you’re thinking that it’s just Left vs Right, or Liberal vs Conservative, or Commie vs. Fascist. We are the variable you’re not considering.

    That “Silent Majority” that you pretend does not exist is getting really sick and tired of your bullshit.

    — Geoffrey B. Higginbotham Major General, USMC (Ret.)
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    :usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa::usa:. This matches up really with antifa being named as a domestic terrorist group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That above is why Trump got elected. Both political parties are riding the wave of extremism in the name of staying in power and gathering more power. The average Joe is sick of it. That is why they voted for Trump, even though he's basically a clown. He doesn't represent either brand of same ol', same ol'. If those in power and their minions, like Antifa, or the right wing idiots like the white supremacists, don't get the message, things could get nasty.
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    I don't know if the General actually wrote that or if someone equally fed up with the idiots just attributed it to him, but I agree wholeheartedly. That's why I'm at the range every week...training, that's why I go for nature walks in the woods, with my head on a swivel, moving as silently as possible...training, keeping old skills honed.
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    Me too REE, I've done a little searching and can't find anything conclusive attributing it to the general, but it expresses the sentiment of a lot of us that are between the nut jobs on either fringe.

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    Griz , could you please give me a source for this ? I have been burnt too many times by internet ramblings. I agree with the sentiments of the peice though.
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    real quote or internet ramblings.....I LIKE IT!!
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    Sounds like something General Griz would write. Expresses my feelings no matter who wrote it. But if we are going to share this it would be nice to know if it's authentic.
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    I thought maybe since you posted it you knew where it originated. I looked at the link you posted and found nothing to the original post. ( I'm not trying to bust your chops here or anything ) . I researched the supposed author of "A word to the wise" again this afternoon, I had done so briefly this morning but was unable to find anything this morning. This afternoon, I found "A word to the wise" posted in 3 or 4 different locations , web addresses, but all the stories began with the disclaimer, I have no idea if it was actually written by Major General Geoffrey B Higginbotham, .
    I agree with the premise of the penned peice and the sentiment it puts forward.
    However, this has become internet propaganda, fodder, or folly to me as it cannot be verified as to the author.
    I'm not putting you down , or trying to discredit you in any way. You have my utmost respect ! But "A word to the wise"
    I would like to share with others but cannot in good faith. There is too much disinformation for me on the internet already.
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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
    Stop by the Introduction thread and say hello.
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    They are a bunch of criminals paid by the democrats and soros they should be
    Treated as such and eliminated by force.
    Specially black lives matter
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    Garis aris,

    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
    Stop by the Introduction thread and say hello.
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    My "suspicion" antennae went up.

    Two new members, both chiming in on this thread for their first post? How did they get to this thread as their first?
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