A2 vs A3 Sights/handle, Thoughts?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by k8cca, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. k8cca

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    Hey guys, well just about to order a Bushmaster and can't decide between A2 and A3 sights. Any thoughts? I am ordering it thru a friends FFL (at wholesale prices) and have not actually seen A3 sights before, so I thought I would ask. I have seen and like the A2, but I figure the A3 would give me more versitility, although I am not sure if I would add a scope or not, I really like the [email protected] peep sight. So it boils down to saving around $50 to go with the A2 or get something I am not familier with in an A3.

    THANKS for the advice!!!!!

    BTW I decided to just buy a completed rifle and maybe build one at some future date.

    Also any one have any thoughts on the 7.62x39MM uppers I seen in the shotgun news? That ammo is really cheap, but that just seem wrong to me to shoot that type of ammo thru an AR-15!
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    I got the A3 like you say for the versitility. It's a solid mount & reattaches back to zero. I haven't got a scope yet although I've been looking at the riser mount from Tapco for when I do add one.