Aaaaaand another moron who should know better.

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  1. Coeloptera

    Coeloptera G&G Newbie - Police Chief Shoots Self at Gun Training Session - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

    "RIVERDALE, Utah — The police chief in Riverdale accidentally shot himself in an ankle while demonstrating how to dislodge a jammed handgun.
    Chief Dave Hansen was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden for surgery."

    Once more. You would think that someone for whom the carrying and use of a firearm is in the job description would not be shooting himself. You'd be wrong.

    Amazing the carelessness "professionals" show towards firearms. But I'll bet every time this comes up the LEOs here get a smidgy bit extra-careful, huh? Kidding guys. ;)

    - Coeloptera

  2. Yep; could've been worse. He could've shot someone else instead.
  3. squirrelblaster

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    hey as funny as that is..... its kinda a valid point.....
  4. rondog

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    That stupid ATF agent is still the best so far....
  5. Windwalker

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    He will be a long time living that one down. lol
  6. i would rather be shot in the ankle than in my "mc-nuggets"
  7. FS00008

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    Stupid ATF agent?
  8. Seven©

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    I think rondog is talking about this cat...

  9. alaskamonte

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    Honorable Mention-

    [ame=]YouTube - Absolutely Stupid- william tell but with a hand gun[/ame]
  10. Complacency kills... period. I've been carrying on the job for 15 years plus now... no such incidents or accidents. I follow the old rule "treat every gun as it is loaded" ...

    In a classroom setting, we ALWAYS unload and stow the ammo away from the firearm, and ensure it is "cleared" period.

    It has served me well over the years.
  11. As videos go, that one has it hands down.
    The funniest boner I know of though, was pulled by a gunsmith. Seems said smith? had a S&W Mod.27 in with a burred firring pin. Rather than risk marring the finish by clamping it in a vise, he decided to hold the barrel down on the bench by sitting on it and then holding the hammer back with his thumb. You folks guessed it, the buffoon shot himself in the arse.
  12. rondog

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    Ya mon, da Rasta ATF agent what shoot hisself in da foot mon.
  13. Troy

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    yup, a shot to the twig and giggleberries wouldn't be any sport at all.
  14. mym1a

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    wow if we can't trust our police with firearms who can we trust???????LOL
  15. Seabeescotty

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    Never had an accident, as Larry said, because every firearm I handle is treated as if it is loaded. Once it's broke down, and on the table, I work on it. And, I make sure it's clear, before I start breaking it down!! My arse is too darn old to get shot!
  16. TXplt

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    Always assume if the trigger gets depressed the gun's going to go bang.
  17. just_a_car

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    Funny you should mention that, as this happened in Utah, where every University and College Campus is a "Concealed Carry Legal" area. Yano, I've never heard of a student doing this... :werd:
  18. DWFan

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    We had a second lieutenant who accidentally discharged his M-16 and shot himself thru the foot. As he was on medical leave, recovering from his wound, he accidentally discharged his 10-22...only this time he hit his wife. She survived. He'll probably always wish he hadn't.