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    In my endless quest to find foods that have long shelf lives without refrigeration, I have come across this new (to me any way) dried food. It is called Aaruul, and it's Mongolian curd cheese that apparently tastes horrible, but the Mongolians developed it years ago when they had more milk than they needed or could drink so they discovered this.

    Anyone ever heard of it or, better yet, tried it?
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    Never had that, but I have had Airag (sp?), which is a Mongolian liquor either made from milk or Aaruul. It tastes like goat cheese pizza and tequila vomit, complete with that half-digested grease flavor. The smell is somewhat "cat pee" like.

    If you want a good cheese with a long shelf life, traditional (meaning "not American") Cheddar is good for up to 40 years if wax-sealed and properly stored, or 20-something if not sealed. The outer layer hardens and provides an air-tight seal that protects the middle. You can even buy cheddar that has already been aged for a few decades.

    I think Romano and Parmesan have pretty long shelf lives too.

    One trick they used to use in medieval times was to store cheese on a bed of salt, in a salt mine, or in a salt barrel, and the English and the Irish would wrap their cheese in cloth, tie it to a rope, and drop it into a peat bog. They've found cheese, and even butter, stored this way that was still edible after centuries.

    The Czechs have a pickled cheese with a shelf life of four or five years. That stuff is delicious. Our local Big Lots had some years ago, and I was curious. You want to eat it within a few days after you crack open the jar, though, or it gets a bit whiffy.
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    IMOA if cheese tastes bad I probably wouldn't eat it either. Back in the day Mom would mix Carnation Instant milk with regular milk (Not sure of the ratio of milk to instant) because instant was cheaper than fresh.

    Supposedly, Dried milk typically has a shelf life of about 20 years, making it one of the most shelf-stable food items you will be able to stockpile in your homesteading pantry.
    https://www.newlifeonahomestead.com...wdered milk and instant non-fat powdered milk.

    Powdered cheese has a long shelf life of 10-15 years.
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    Just out of curiosity, does anyone else say, "...werewolves of London" after saying Aaruul?
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    I've been getting ads in my Facebook feed for a book called The Lost Super Foods. One of those ads tells a very little about aaruul, but to get the recipe you have to buy the book, and you have to deal with the people in the ad. Neither Bookfinder nor Amazon carries it.

    I'm going to send a link to the site to PWB and ask her to order it. I expect it will be an expensive book.
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    I get the same thing C!

    Sounds like the book could have some potential. If you find it does let me know, I may have to invest myself.