ABC Tests U.S. Border Security

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    Noting is worse than a terrorist master mind with writers block. Sitting in some cave ploting the destruction of the great saten .. ie USA.. and all he can come up with is the old suacide bomber...truck bomb rutine....strugleing to come up with a new and inproved way to destroy the west...a way that would Make Ala proud and maby get him a few bonus virgins in the after life...what to do? Were to turn for insperation? Cant even pop the top on a few beers to help him think....Goes to the local Masque...does the prayer thing...nothing comes to him.....feeling like a failure...knowing that if he does not come up with a great plan Alah will give him ugly virgins..he turns on the tv...maybe watching some Jerry Springer show will reenforce why the west must be destroyed....check CNN to see how Osama is doing (they seem to know were he is all the time)...what is this..ALAH be praised....the American Media....another brilinat idea on how to destroy the great saten.....and get the frequent Marter upgrade with Alah...He hit the record button on the vcr....tapeing over Camel girl but well worth it as Alah provides not just insperation but a complete detailed is good....he sents out HIS plan to the suacide boombers waiting to meet Alah...kicks back and waits for "his" plan...the plan Alah delived tv no less....yes the great master mind is loved by Alah...communicates with up the water pipe..get the bonus virgins ready...cause his plans are going to rock.

    ABC Tests U.S. Border Security

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    Sep 6, 10:17 PM (ET)


    NEW YORK (AP) - While some news organizations have tried to sneak material through airport screeners, ABC News thought bigger: the network smuggled depleted uranium into New York.

    ABC conducted its operation to test how authorities are guarding against the possibility of a nuclear "dirty bomb" attack. Correspondent Brian Ross' investigation will air as part of ABC's Sept. 11 anniversary coverage next week.

    Federal authorities are angry that they've had to spend time on ABC's experiment.

    "The U.S. Customs Service is engaged in a deadly serious business," said its spokesman, Dean Boyd. "The American public wants us to focus on real threats, not fake ones."

    The story comes amidst controversy over stories in the New York Daily News and on CBS this week about how journalists tried to test airport security by trying to pass items that should have set off alarms.

    ABC said it borrowed 15 pounds of depleted uranium from an environmental group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, to send on its journey. The network said it consulted with experts to make sure it was safe; the Customs Service said such material has less radiation than a typical chest X-ray.

    Boyd noted that depleted uranium is used widely for commercial purposes such as counterweights in elevators and in aircraft.

    Ross carried it by train from Austria to Istanbul, Turkey. The contents clearly marked, it was packed in a container with wooden horse carts and terra cotta vases and shipped overseas to New York. Through it all, the depleted uranium went undetected.

    "Seven countries, 25 days and 15 pounds of uranium," Ross said, "and not a single question."

    The network was careful to obey all laws, federal and international, he said. The route and manner of transport followed a path outlined in court documents by an Osama bin Laden associate, who was investigated for his role in a plot to smuggle nuclear material, he said.

    "One of our big concerns going into this was that we didn't want to teach terrorists something they didn't already know," he said.

    ABC sent the container from Istanbul, a known smuggler's hotbed, to an address that had never received overseas shipping before because, in both cases, that should have made authorities suspicious, he said.

    ABC and Customs differ on how authorities responded to a potential threat.

    Of 1,139 containers on the vessel, the ABC package was one of fewer than a dozen identified for closer inspection before the ship even reached port, Boyd said. It was inspected by X-ray equipment and a separate device that tests for radiation and was found to pose no threat, he said.

    Ross said, however, that the suitcase of depleted uranium would emit about the same radiation as live uranium would if it had been shielded in a lead-lined case. The container should have been opened and checked, he said.

    "They missed it," he said. "They could say that it was no danger, which is true because we made sure there was no danger. But I think that misses the point."

    Boyd insisted inspectors have ways to determine without opening the container whether the uranium was live or not.

    "It was a fake threat that we were forced to divert resources and manpower to address," he said.

    Responded Paul Friedman, executive vice president of ABC News: "When did they divert any resources? They didn't catch a thing."

    Friedman said the press plays an important role in testing how well government is protecting its citizens.
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    That is BS. Enriched Uranium would emit much more gamma radiation than depleted Uranium, even if it was shielded with 2 inches of Lead. ABC is lying.
    PS: Natural Uraninum is mostly U-238 with a small amount of U-235. Enriched Uranium has a much higher ratio of U-235. Bombs require about 15% U-235. Depleted Uranium is almost pure U-238 and highly stable. It does not pose a radiation hazard, unless you EAT it.
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    yeah like NBC blowing up Chevy pickups trying to dramatize the so-called sidesaddle gas tank hazard!!!!!!!!!!!!! it these clowns did something illegal they should be nailed to the cross, if nothing illegal, than they should be chastized for trying to create a panic among us stooopid citizens.
  4. Deja Vu, all over again!


    Well, once again the media is as good a friend of the terrorists as Taliban Johnny!

    I say again, if we have weak spots we need to reinforce them, and do it now. Also, why is the media doing this garbage? Shouldn't the powers that be be doing their own security checks?

    And, if ABC broke any laws they should be prosecuted!

    (ABC = Always believe Clinton
    CBS = Clinton's Bull Sh*t
    NBC = Now, Bill Clinton
    CNN = Clintler News Network
    MSNBC = More Spin News By Communists)

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