Abercrombie & Fitch's peddling of sexually suggestive thong underwear to young girls

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    I heard this a week or so ago on the news and only caught part of it. Now old doglips is a bit of a prude and just dont uderstand the world due to his old (38) age and conservitive view on life....But if I catch my kids (girls age 10 and 12) wearing one of these or my wife even suggested buying them one Id go slap off!!! This is like pedafile wear.... I love the companies response "The firm maintains the product is aimed at girls aged 10 or over"

    A case in point is the recent brouhaha over Abercrombie & Fitch's peddling of sexually suggestive thong underwear to young girls.

    The rear-less underwear, decorated with pictures of cherries and catchphrases like "kiss me," "wink wink" and "eye candy," sparked an outcry from conservative groups when it hit store shelves earlier this year.

    Bill Johnson, president of the Michigan-based, family advocacy group American Decency Association, which is boycotting the retailer, calls the underwear "pornographic" and says they would fit a child as young as seven. He adds: "There is an ongoing trend to sexualize youth. … There are clearly a core of marketers who will go as low as they are permitted to go."

    Abercrombie disagrees, saying in a written statement that the underwear was meant to be "lighthearted and cute." The firm maintains the product is aimed at girls aged 10 or over, even though the Abercrombie Kids line, under which the thongs are marketed, is aimed at girls aged 7-14.

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    Abercrombie and Fitch is yet another liberal, scumbag organization that thinks Its ok to pimp young girls but thinks the conservative family life is wrong, like taking the family to the range or teaching your daughter not to show her a s s and be a "hootchie mama"... I call this the wish Clinton was still in office syndrome...bet hes got the latest catalog!

  3. We are contracted to do security for A&F stores and believe me I just take their money. I don't know if any of you have ever shopped in one but you need to go just once to see their wares. Some of it will make you laugh, some of it will make you shake your head, and some of will make you lose sleep wondering what the H&LL has gone wrong with the world. I can't imagine anyone buying that stuff. YUUUUCK!
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    Well not only that...Have you seen the out rageous prices!!
    No wonder so may young people are in as much debt as they are!
    Thanks to stores like that!

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    What is truly sad is that some parents will actually buy that crap for their girls bc it looks "cute" and wants them to be cool. Pop culture in this country has really done a lot of damage to our society. Thongs for girls that says "eye candy" well what did you expect when they were told oral sex isn't really sex.
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    I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could have any alternate definition of what is, is! Now you load all ths on me? My brain is hurting and the little voices are angry...............LOL!!!