Able Sporstmen helping Disabled Sportsmen

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    I f you havent had the chance yet.. Help your brother out. It is vey rewarding to share your hunt. A disabled hunters main handicap is 'SCOUTING'. It is very hard for them to do, so if you know a guy who is handicapped, disabled, etc. , do YOURSELF a favor. It is a real pat on the back. I helped a guy last Elk hunt to take a real nice 4x5 bull. It might be his last hunt. He has M.S. I took a little spike bull early inthe hunt so I could get done and help him. You know what, I still have a full freezer, its great meat, I feel good about it. Hell, I already have my trophy racks. Dont know what to do with the ones that I already have. Hell, I have furs and hides taking over my whole house. Are you in the same situation?....... Help someone else to hunt.... You can see it through new eyes, and make a vey good freind. Trust me here. It is certainly worth the time.
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    Robert I don't know why I'm having trouble replying to you and/or starting a new post in this forum. Here goes try three.As a differantly abled person, I must say your buddy with M.S is very lucky to have an understanding friend like you. I myself have a few nephews to help me lug out my kill. Other than that I have to wear heavily tinted glasses'til I reach the hunting site, good footwear, and go as far as I can by road, then by broken trail. Most people can hunt, and keep hunting with a little ingenuity, a little help from dedicated sportsmen, and a few adaptations. Perhaps changing the way they hunt and/or what they hunt may also be neccassary, but not such a bad thing as it opens up a whole new ball game of hunting different types of game. I have noticed people with various degrees of dis-advantage enjoying waterfowl, as it is relatively easy to get to a blind and set up early in the morning. A little careful, long range planning and a good hunt can be enjoyed by all.
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