???? About Arkansas and Missouri LIVEING??

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    Hay way off topic and not a deffit plan..but wanted some feed back from people who live/lived in the areas of Arkansas and/or Missouri. As I await my day in court with the IRS (Monday the 10th and June 25th) and the decission of the VA to increase my diability....should be only 60 more days they say (Been 18 months)... In any case me and the wife have been kicking around the idea of leaveing Crack town Florida..especial if Reno wins...been looking on a Web Site...united country realty.com.. any way land and homes seem pretty cheep in the Arkansas and Missouri area. Searched by state so dont know all the towns, counties I do know the Arkansas area was near the Ozarks.
    What is the weather, crime, cost of liveing, like up in these states? How are the public and or privet schools (6th and 7th grade). Not to worried about employeement...but job market info would not hurt. GUN LAWS...Police attitude towards shooting on/off your property is very importan. Im basicly looking for a general quality of life report....Im looking for land /2-1 hour from a medium size town....2-10 acres .. seems like my budget is more in the 2-5 acrea price range but thats only 1 source. Any links to newspapers ant TV stations would also help.

    Thanks All.:nod:
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    I moved here from upstate NY 6 years ago. I live in a little town about 70 Mi. south of St.Louis. I really like it here except for the lack of snow(I love winter) and the heat and humidity of the summer months. I was in shock at how much cheaper it is to live here than NY, just about every thing is less exspensive. Plus there is a nice outdoor range with a 300yd rifle range, a nice pistol range where they shoot all forms of pistol competition(my favorite is the bowling pin shoots) and a friendly environment.

    Here are some links and phone #'s to realtors in my area,
    www.hulseyhomes.com 1-573-756-5711
    www.c21goodson.com 1-573-431-9654
    www.nashrealtyinc.com 1-573-431-5000

    Hope these help,

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    In the 1st place don't even think about Reno winning, In the 2nd place don't move to Arkansas cuz thats where Slick Willie Klinton came from!
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    You may need a trailer home if you move here


    There's an unusually large number of trailer home dwellers in the hills of Arkansas from Fort Smith toward Little Rock and farther south where I've driven through.

    In MO you'll find a lot of mobile homes in some areas of the southern part of our state. I've lived all over the state and personally, I prefer the northwestern part best. However, there's lots of places in this state that have plenty to offer.

    Just got back from the Lake of the Ozarks Monday where we had a great time over the weekend at the lake and we did some fishing, too.

    As far as cost of living, I haven't compared MO to other states but here we're very favorable. Our schools are considerably underfunded compared to the national average but many people disagree with that statement. At least studies I've read show that MO ranks low in their financial support of public education.

    MO has a state income tax which some states do not have. This could come as a shock if you weren't expecting it.

    Education is supported by means of assessing your real estate possessions. For example, my school district assesses your property at 19% of it's real value and then taxes you about 55 cents per hunderd dollars of assessed value.

    These potential expenses could be determined more in detail by contacting different city governments throughout the state. They're always trying to promote the state.

    I've lived here since 1965 and like it or I wouldn't have stayed this long. Everything I want/need is available.

    Good luck. Contact me by E-mail if you have further questions.


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    I took my basic training at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri in the middle of the summer...oooweee was it hot,thought I died and went to h e l l and the devil was wearing a campaign hat!!!!