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    The only interesting gun is a accurate one. You can have all them shiny, high priced ones. It only counts if they shoot where you 're looking. Two of the most accurate guns I ever had in my hands, were also two of the most homely looking ones I ever seen. Its kinda like women, naw she ain't much to look at, but she shore can cook!
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    Some look pretty good, and can also cook.

  3. Shaun

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    It's funny that you wrote this yesterday I looked at the target for my two rifles yesterday and was having a good laugh I have a 308 that I have about $1600 in and I have a custom Nagant I have about $600 in and at 100 yards both where shooting through the same home
  4. PAPA G

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    i like that reference to wimmen, she sure is ugly but she sho can cook, its from one of my favorite songs, can't remember the groups name, an oldie but goodie. once more you confirm what i believe, its not the gun but the man who is using it; the ultimate accuracy accessory!!!!!!!
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    Papa G, just want to thank you for the sacrifice you made to our nation. My oldest son is a newly promoted SGT. in the U.S.MARINE CORPS. And about the song: the one I've heard goes like this- ALLWAYS MARRY A UGLY GIRL, THATS THE ONLY KIND. THEY"LL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU, AND IF THEY DO YOU WONT MIND. Another verse goes like this:- MY COUSIN MARRIED A UGLY GIRL, IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL SITE, THEY HAD A FORMAL WEDDING, THEY PAINTED THE SHOTGUN WHITE.
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    Your cousin got married over the internet?
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    hooker thank you, and congrats to the latest SGT in the Marines, i salute him and you give him a hug from me!!!!! still can not remember the group or the title on the record (remember those plastic disks with the big hole? we called them 45's). it was a rocking fun song.
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    "if you want to be happy for the rest of you're life,never make a pretty woman your wife." That one,Papa?