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    Any suggestions on how to get optimal accuracy from a heavy barrel MAK-90?
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    There's really not much you can do to accurize one. Just use the basic shooting fundamentals- steady sight picture, breath control, squeeze the trigger, etc. Unfortunately, AK-type weapons aren't really accurate. Your heavy-barrel model will fare better than most, but just keep in mind it was designed to function under adverse conditions, so tolerances will be loose. Not too conductive to good accuracy............

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    Best advice seems to be what not to do: Accuracy of AK's becomes worse with a bipod attached because it screws up the barrel harmonics. Don't clean from the muzzle, or at least don't clean from the muzzle without using a protector to prevent the cleaning rod from rubbing against the lands at the muzzle & wearing them down.

    Letting the barrel cool down helps a lot - AK accuracy gets really awful when the barrel is hot.

    A good receiver sight would help a lot, and while there's a few attempts out there (e.g. Krebs, ACE, Mojo) they all make various compromises that keep me from getting one. In the meantime a scope or Kobra would help overcome the AK's abyssmal rear sights.

    Front sight is a rounded post, worst possible for accuracy since shading will result in the gun shooting towards the light. There are crosshair-style front sights available that I don't care for but they do resolve this problem. One could flatten the facing surface of the sight with a file and re-blue it to make it more like the front sight on an AR. I installed a Williams Fire Sight front sight for an SKS on mine, which turned out wonderfully and gives me a flat-faced high-visibility front sight but it's a rather complicated project.

    Depending on how bad the quality of the trigger pull is on your AK, installing a Red Star Arms trigger may help. Helped a lot with my SAR-3.

    What kind of accuracy are you getting? I get 2-3 inch groups at 100 yards, which apparantly is very good by AK standards. SAR-3 seems to have ununsual potential accuracy for an AK, though: I've seen reports of minute-of-angle accuracy with them.
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