ACLU's New Cause: 10 Commandments In Cemetery: Group Threatens Lawsuit

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    Ok..hummm why of course the cematary is the last place soemone would want to display religious items...

    Now if this upsets dead people and they sue, and my dog can now sue me, but I can sue mcdonalds for giveing me fating food and hot coffee...were is all this $$ going to come from??????? I am going to find the Talaban web these news articals on their humor form....I figure in a few weeks they will laugh themselfs too death and Ill be credited with winning the war on terrorism...of course Ill be sued into bankrupcy by their greving families.

    ACLU's New Cause: 10 Commandments In Cemetery
    Group Threatens Lawsuit
    Posted: 2:35 p.m. EDT July 26, 2002

    FREDERICK, Md. -- A Christian cemetery might seem a natural setting for a Ten Commandments monument.

    But the American Civil Liberties Union is threatening to sue because one such monument is in a burial ground that the Evangelical Reform Church donated to the city of Frederick, Maryland, in 1924.

    City officials say the Ten Commandments monument is fitting in a historic graveyard, which they compare to Arlington National Cemetery.

    But the ACLU says Frederick's Memorial Park, where hundreds are buried, is a public place where religious displays should be banned.

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    Unbelievable!! The ACLU won't be happy until we get a real Sodom and Gomorrah going again will they? Liberalism in action!


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    Its this kind of Bull$h!t that draws attention away from the good stuff the ACLU was meant to do. EFFIN morons.
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    As of right now the ACLU is FIRED! What kinda ludicrus BS is that? The ACLU needs to pull it's head out of it's fourth point of contact and start worrying about things that concern Americans, not things that **** the majority of them off. PERIOD!
  5. Now for a little more info.

    The park is about 50 yards square. The remains, if they are still there are in a mass unmarked grave. The park is used primarily as a rememberance park for those city/county men killed and missing in America's wars. There are memorials for WWI, WWII,Korea, Vietnam, as well as markers for the 29th Infantry Division.

    The park is jointly owned by both the city of and county of Frederick. This whole mess started when a county 18 year old wrote a letter to the city council complaining that the 10 commandment marker in the park violated the seperation of church and state laws. He wrote the letter as part of a 12th grade Civics class project. Both he and his family have received hate mail and threatening phone calls ever since.

    The 10 Commandment marker itself was placed in the park in the mid 1950's. It was donated to the city by the company that filmed the movie THE 10 COMMANDMENTS (MGM, 20th CENTURY, I can't remember). The company donated 100's of markers to cities and county's around the country. So there must be more of them out there somewhere.

    My church Calvary UMC, is right accross the street from the park. We have contacted the City governement and told them that we will gladly dig up the marker and move it accross the street to our church, facing the street of course so everyone can see it. The move would literally only be 10 yards. Other churches in the city and county have also contacted the city and made the same offer.

    A poll taken by thelocal paper, The Frederick News-Post has city/county residents split almost 50/50 as to whether or not the marker should be moved. The ACLU has said it will sue unless the marker is moved, there can be no compremise.

    We have a brand new mayor in Frederick. In the past the kid that wrote the letter that started this mess would have gotten a nice generic letter from the mayors office and the kid would probably gotten on with his life. However our new mayor has said she wants to be more "responsive to the needs of our residents". Therefore the letter was brought into a citycoucil meeting and the rest is history.

    So like the man says now you know the rest of the story. If you're interested I'll keep you posted.
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    All these years it didn't bother anyone. Now.ONE person complains,and it's a big deal. More Nuts. I wonder if these people need a job to keep them busy?