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    In the wake of all the flat out criminal activity and stupid ruleings the 9th circert curt of Doglips has ruled that the following should be implamented:

    1. Any judge that hands down a decisssion that is so blatly stupid (God in the pledge is unconsttutional) shale be tattooed with the word I am stupid on his/her forehead.

    2. In an effort to help active duty milatary personel earn a liveing wage... there will be a change in the way the yearly pay rise is determined for congress/senators and milatary personel. In the past polaticians have given milatary people 2 or 3% increase then awared themselfs 25%+ payraises. To make things fair All congessmen and senators will first vote how much to give themselfs. Then in a no holds barred steel cage all the polaticians will be placed into a very large equal number of active duty persoanell will also be placed into the steel cage. The last group with a meber still alive/consious will then get the pay raise. This event would be telavised via pay-per view with the proceeds going to widows/orphans of milatary personale killed that year.

    3. CEO's who layoff the working people only to be given multi million $$ bounses will still get their bounses.....however the people they layed off...screed over ect will each be given an a portion of the $$ to get their $$ all the CEOs have to do is go to each person they screewed and convince them to give over their portion of the $$. If someone wants to give them the $$ they get it if not the worker keeps that part of the bounses $$.

    4. As we know 3rd wold countries have been able to provide goods and services far cheeper than the USA. In an effort to reduce the cost of running prisons all violent, sexoffenders and that type (Celaberities and CEOS automaticly qualify for the program) will be sent to 3rd wold countries under contract to house and reform these people...Im sure countries like IRAN, CHina, and the like will eagerly submit bids... Of course since we would expect these convicts to be held in prisons and treated in a culterly divers manner...however to be fair we need to give our contractors say 100+ years to get their prisons to our current the mean time inmates can fill out complaint forms and explain their dissatisfaction to the countries that own the prisons they are housed in.

    5. I prepose that Calafornia be fenced off from the rest of the country...Only thouse people not infected with blatent liberlism and PC type thinking (Now named Mad Cow Disease) Will be allowed out. The NRA, Rush Linball and other such groups will be allowed to rescue people that are not infected. After "Normal" people are rescured the state, its contents, and people will be sold on e-bay.

    Ok lets see your list....:p
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    youv'e about coverd it all. I'm gaurd but I want in that death match! I'll also help put up the fence.