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  1. patrick70

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    I have a Remington model 700 in 30-06 I bought about 9 years ago,but since I've owned it I've heard terms like ADL and BDL but don't know the difference.It loads with 4 rounds in the internal mag if that helps and has a nice wooden stock.:feedback:
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    ADL is the Plain version stock. The BDL has a fancier stock, black nose cap,and black grip Cap and a recoil Pad.

  3. patrick70

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    Thanks Moose,I got the BDL
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    Bdl's have a hinged floor plate for dumping ammo out of the bottom instead of taking them out one by one from the top.
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    Moose, I have a coulple of 700s with all the features you mentioned except the recoil pads. Neither says BDL on the rifle anywhere. Any ideas? I also have an ADL, and it doesn't have a hinged floor plate. Is this also an indication of a BDL?
  7. Mooseman684

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    BDL's Have a Hinged Floorplate....ANd Non-Magnum Rifles may or may not have a Pad !
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    You can swap out parts and make an ADL into a BDL. All the holes are drilled in the same place.

    Here's an ADL 30-06 I converted into a BDL from a Rem 700 Sendero 25-06 which got a new sniperstock.

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    Even with parts swaps there's still the difference in finish. The BDL is all about the rich high gloss walnut stocks with the Monte Carlo comb and fine line checkering along with the high gloss metal finish. The ADL was dropped about 4 years ago. I suspect the reason being it was no longer needed with all the other 700 variations. I think Remington lists over 20 this year.
    Remington Model 700™ Rifles
    The SPS is the designated replacement for the ADL synthetic. I'm not aware of a replacement for the ADL with plain wooden stock. The CDL now upscales the BDL, but not by much. The CDL is strictly a scoped rifle and has a straight stock where the BDL has the Monte Carlo stock, open sights, with the option to add a scope.