Advancing Beyond Racism

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    Racism was on the down turn until Obozzo made almost everything about race. I try to treat everyone the same until they give me reason not to. Then I just try to avoid them !!!
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    This BLMBS has to be stopped before it is allowed to grow too big,now is the time for the mayors and goverors to get determined to do what must be done and the will to do it!
    No compromise,no deals,just do what must be done. :mad:
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  3. PaleHawkDown

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    Who was your teacher, Joe Biden? Or was this 40+ years ago?

    I'm from Alabama. I've been here almost my entire life. By far the most racist white people I have ever met were from Illinois. The most racist people I have met, period, were from Birmingham - and they were not white.

    The South mostly worked its crap out until it started to get dredged up again in the last decade or so. It is more than a little hard to be racist when one out of every three people you see anywhere in the South is black, and when visiting major cities only one in every four is white even in the "white" areas.

    The idea that someone ever COULD be overtly and publicly racist in that environment is patently retarded. At best someone could be privately racist down here. Overt loudmouthed racism is reserved for people above the Mason Dixon.

    My grandaddy was a poor white farmer out in the toolies of Alabama and his black friends visited often - even staying at the farm. If you were to go to the Gadsden Mall or the Galleria Mall right this second maybe one in four couples you will see is mixed-race. No one has cared in years.

    Then you assert that Southerners are xenophobic and violent. How have you arrived at this conclusion?

    Is it from the fact that we had integrated military units 70 years before the North, as verified by the likes of Frederick Douglass among a slew of other sources?
    Is it from the fact that the heads of the Cherokee Nation once declared that the Confederacy was the only white government in history to keep its treaties?
    Is it from the fact that Southern merchant vessels had free and integrated crews for a full century before that was common practice in the North and Southern States were the first to outlaw the practice of "Shanghai'ing" crewman?
    Is it from the fact that the South peacefully seceded by writ and then was cajoled into a war by the North who sent in fleets of warships to threaten Southern holdings?
    Is it because the South elected Jewish people into public offices nearly a century before any northern government did?
    Is it from the fact that the vast majority of black millionaires in history came from Southern states?
    Is it from the fact that Northern cities like Chicago and New York still have segregated ghettos - even among different types of Asians, Europeans and African-derived peoples? It is weird, but we have these weird things called "neighborhoods" down here, and even in the past when they weren't integrated by skin color, no one gave a rip whether you were Czech, Jewish, Polish, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Catholic, Protestant or whatever. Even at the South's most racist, black was black and white was white, and Asians were pretty much welcomed in both camps (there is a great documentary about the Mississippi Delta Chinese available on YouTube if you want to do a little research).

    Is it from our generally lower modern crime statistics that you assert we are violent?

    How about the fact that many northern states only recently got around to making it legal for black people to even move to those states. Kansas nor Iowa got around to that until within the last 15 years.

    Is it from the fact that the vast majority of these riots, police killings, killings of police, and killing of innocent bystanders take place in northern states?

    Could it be the fact that according to FBI statistics the largest concentration of neo-nazis is in Washington state and the largest concentration of KKK was in Ohio, while for more than a decade there was no evidence of there even actively BEING such a group in Alabama.

    Can we just get "Southern" added to the list of protected and marginalized groups and classes that XENOPHOBIC, RACIST, BIGOTED, IGNORANT people aren't allowed to make BS blanket statements about? I mean, we've been a marginalized group since the 1790s, and were formally made an oppressed group when the Yankee government began telling us we were not allowed to vote or run for office in our own local elections.

    I guarantee for every one piece of evidence supporting your assertion the the South is violent and xenophobic, I PROMISE I can find a couple of dozen examples from the North. It won't even be hard. The fact that you apparently have some sort of xenophobia against Southerners already gives me a head start.
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  4. jwrauch

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    Very well put PHD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Cyrano

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    New York
    Shortly before 9/11, I helped Uncle Paul move his then-fiancee down to Atlanta (which the folks who live there seem to define as the business district downtown). She was Jamaican, and as sharp as they come. She had four kids. Two of the kids were great, like their mother, sharp, with futures as bright as they can make them. The other two were worthless as teats on a boar hog. Partiers, drinkers, lazy, not bright, entry level slugs at best. Still living at home, having moved back to home. But that isn't my point.

    Atlanta was divided into districts. Some were black, some were white. There may have been Hispanic and Asian districts, but I didn't see any. What I did see was voluntary segregation. Blacks bought houses, nice houses, in certain neighborhoods. Whites bought houses, nice houses, in other neighborhoods. Shopping centers/business streets seemed to mark the borders. You won't find these borders marked on any Greater Atlanta map, but everyone in the city seemed to know what they were. And to a Yankee originally from Bahstun, cradle of Amurrican liberty and freedom, it was jarring.

    At one point, I borrowed the sharp daughter's car to go to the nearby Home Depot to pick up a couple of things needed to set up the stuff I'd driven down from Hartford. I mean, a Home Depot is a Home Depot, right? Not this one! I was the only white face in the place, and I got stared at by blacks who wondered if I was just lost, and glared at by the more aggressive ones who were saying, "Honky, you is in da wrong place. Git outta our sto'!"

    Then we went to return the rental truck, which I had driven down because only Uncle Paul and I knew how to drive a stick, and I was the only one who knew how to handle a big truck. It happened the nearest place to turn it in was in a white district. When Sharp Daughter came in to see what was taking so long (the counter clerk had a problem with our demanding to be reimbursed for a fan belt we had had to pay to replace during the trip even though we had towing & repair coverage), the clerk and his manager, both white, bristled at this uppity black wench daring to intrude into white territory!

    I don't know what is going on in Atlanta, but they seemed to be content to have ethnically defined districts and to willingly confine themselves to them. I'd never run across this before in America. While it may keep the peace, it does not seem to me like what this country is supposed to be all about.
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    Do I detect another Rambo double here ?
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  7. PaleHawkDown

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    Here lately there seem to be two, meanwhile Rambo has practically been a saint in the less political corners of G&G.
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  8. PaleHawkDown

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    In the South there are pre-Reconstruction cities, Reconstruction cities and what could be called neo-Reconstruction cities.

    The first group is made up of cities that existed prior to the Civil War, and were mostly left alone after the war. Interestingly these cities tend to be a lot more integrated and peaceful - though that could change any minute the way things have been going.

    Reconstruction cities are places like Birmingham where a city was built where none previously existed. These cities were totally ruled and governed by Northern interests for decades. These cities tend to have a lot of animosity between both race and class, but since these cities are almost universally run by minorities, that animosity is reversed from what many might think.

    Neo-Reconstruction cities are ones that existed before the war, but were utterly changed and/or rebuilt during reconstruction. Since the city itself has no real identity, different chunks of the city have individual identities. Parts of the city fit into the first camp, parts fit into the second camp, and other parts are basically miniature Northern cities. Atlanta is a neo-Reconstruction city. There are at least six "old South" neighborhoods, most are fully integrated. There are several New South neighborhoods which are also fully integrated. These tend to be younger areas where different groups mix without any problems. Then you have the Reconstruction areas that are complete enclaves urban culture, and at the edge of those you run into the cultural zones where the other three cross.
    Then you have the "Yankee" parts. This is made up of the areas where the most riots have been happening, the college district, uptown, downtown, and then, totally apart from all of these and away from the politics you have a Little Mexico and a Little Asia on the North end of town - just as you would find segregated neighborhoods in northern cities.
    This weird scrap-quilt of a city worked fairly well for a long time.
    Then, after Atlanta became an international hub, the Lefty Loons came in from California and New York, and started boogering up all the best parts of the city.
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  9. Jaison

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  10. jwrauch

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    The left seems to be really adept at turning everything they touch into crap !!
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  11. Big Dog

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    Talking about wilfull segregation, I saw it aboard my Navy ship. On the mess deck, the white sailors sat together, the blacks sat together, and the Filipinos sat together. Never had a hint of racial trouble.
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  12. ItstheHOFF

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    I’ve been in 3 branches of the military. I never noticed racial segregation (we’re all green) until I joined my final branch, the army.
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  13. Rave

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    THE PLACE IS THE U.S.A. and the time is now,all this other BS doesn't matter! :cool:
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    I didn’t see racial segregation in the Army, mostly cliques segregated by classification. Aviation pukes hang together, the tankers had their group, the motor pool guys were another, etc...
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  15. Jim Rau

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    We have ALREADY ADVANCED!!!o_O And remember, segregation is 99.9% VOLUNTARY!!!;) It is a trait of human nature. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!
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    Same thing going on in NW Arkansas Fayetteville in particular.
    Why I'm planning on moving.
  17. Big Dog

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    One humorous example of "segregation" occurred during the filming of the "Planet Of The Apes" movies. No matter the nature of the actors originally, once in costume, things were different. During lunch, still in costume, the gorillas sat with gorilias, the chimps sat with chimps, the orangutans sat with orangutans. I always found that kind of funny.
    Another example of racism I saw, after raising a few chickens fir a high school biology experiment, I put my White Leghorns in with Dad's Barred Rocks. His black chickens beat up on my white chickens! Racist, I tells ya!!
    :eek: :D
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    In basic training, had a whole platoon of them. 'Course, they were the goof-off draftees, mostly black & Puerto Rican, that didn't want to be there & were scheduled for undesirable discharges, just waiting for the paperwork to go through.:p
  19. Rave

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    That's because it wasn't tolerated. :cool: