Advice from a Kennady.

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    thats a good one. back in the late 60's Volkswagon. did a commercial where a beetle was driven off a pier to show its so tight it floats. the humor magazine National Lampoon made up an ad for their magazine showing the floating VW with the caption,"if Ted Kennedy was only driving a Volkswagon." i rolled and rolled when i saw it!!!:p :p :p

  3. My Generation Gap is Showing Too

    I to can remember that commercial and the ad. Excuse me while I go polish my cane. :eek: National Lampoon was a great magazine, is it still around?
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    Hi Dallas, i love what you said under your location!!!! glad i'm not the only ancient gas cloud of methane, that remembers both. I haven't seen the magazine in years, but it was good for its irreverant brand of humor.
  5. Thanks for the compliment Papa G. I haven't seen Lampoon in years either. However Mad magazine is still around (last time I looked), Alfred E. Newman was my hero.:nod:
  6. The Kennedy's they are still paying the price. If you don't understand feel free to post.
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    Ich bein ein DRUNKARD!